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Blue LED is how to make white light? Dec 21, 2016

Blu-ray photons of high energy, excited fluorescence. Blue LED Blu-ray on the phosphor produce yellow light, yellow light after being inspired by the Blu-ray, they shoot out from the LED, we see white, it's just blue and yellow mix two colors together composite light.

Blue eye harmful?

Humans are in the solar system evolved, according to Wien's displacement law of blackbody radiation, we can calculate the solar Center wavelength around 550nm, and 465nm blue LED Center wavelength, deviated from the Center wavelength of sunlight, so from an evolutionary perspective, our human eyes cannot accept "excessive" Blu-ray.

Human life is inseparable from the display screen without TV. No harmful blue light emission OLED organic television becomes the new selection. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode), the full name of "organic light emitting diode", is a display technology. OLED organic TV screen Panel of each pixel is able to self-luminous, no backlight. OLED organic light emitting volume with 33.17 million solid particles, it can automatically glow, as long as the input voltage to the electrodes, inspire will be able to produce the desired color light, blue light is concentrated at 460nm, not harmful blue light, less energy, hazards to human eyes are minimal.