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LED lamp of the precautionary approach Dec 21, 2016

1) caused by leakage through the PN junction failure LED, LED lamp is not lit, this normally does not affect other LED lights work

2) internal LED lights connect wire disconnected, resulting in no current through the LED and dead lights, this will affect other LED lights work

Human body electrostatic damage to the LED is also a great deal of work should wear anti-static clothing, equipped with electrostatic ring, static loop should be grounded, have a grounded electrostatic ring anti-static effect is not good, wear this product is not recommended, if violation of operating rules, you should accept the warning education, also to notice the effects of others. The amount of static electricity of human body, with people dressed in fabric, and each body type, autumn and winter nights we undressed is easy to see the clothes between the discharge, electrostatic discharge voltage has 3,000 volts.

Some companies using manual welding, use 40-watt regular soldering irons, soldering temperature control, temperature 300-400 ℃ and above, high welding temperatures may also result in dead lamp, LED lead under high temperature expansion coefficients higher than 150 degrees Celsius several times higher coefficient of expansion, internal wire solder because of excessive expansion and contraction of the weld opened, resulting in dead lamp.