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2016 Global LED Lighting Market Size Of $28.6 Billion, Regional Diversity Dec 21, 2016

2016 global development present situation of LED lighting industry. European of high electric price, and owned production assembled and products intelligent of led LED lighting market development; North America local assembled rise, dollars strong, and policy grants prompted needs strong growth, and new case led LED commercial and the engineering lighting quickly development; Japan for leading promotion LED lighting application, penetration rate yearly upgrade, makes market extended space limited, so industrial and commercial lighting more with potential; China building, and industrial lighting market needs continued bullish, but for supply manufacturers many, price competition increased. In addition, demand and increases in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia lighting is a lot of potential. Estimated 2016 global LED lighting market size of $28.6 billion, LED lighting penetration 34% 2018 reached 31.9 billion dollars, permeability of 47%.

International suppliers has gradually reduced the backlight and LED lighting market share in favor of niche applications such as automotive. High reliability needs of automotive, brands enjoy the advantage of monopolizing the market, second-tier brand LED breakthrough quality, have a chance to break the monopoly over the next 5 years motor LED the market will develop in a more manufacturers to participate in.