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2016 Led Road Lighting Forum In China Intelligent Lighting Starred Dec 21, 2016

On March 31, 2016, the China Association of lighting industry, China lighting Association professional outdoor lighting Committee, co-sponsored by the lighting of the City Committee of China municipal engineering Association, China Association of lighting of the lighting, lamps, gaoyou Association jointly sponsored the "2016 (12th) roadway lighting Forum in China" kicked off in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Conference Center. Lighting China media attended as special.

This forum total invited has 27 a academic report, collection papers 49 article, to "standard quality application trend" for theme, research live built Department latest on city lighting Thirteen-Five planning, and city lighting management related policy and new regulations, industry summary and prospect; through research both at home and abroad road lighting technology, and development and standard of development, summary China road lighting standard developed, and integrated design, and technology implementation and engineering experience; introduced current both at home and abroad latest road lighting engineering case, Technical research in the form of road lighting enterprises introduced new technologies, new products, promotion of road lighting planning and design of construction science, improve the quality of urban lighting, creating a safe, comfortable, economical and healthy living environment.

The Forum also get has Dragon lighting, and Crystal day lighting, and Lei Shiguang electric, and fly Le audio, and niukesi lighting, and light Yu lighting, and Hao beauty photoelectric, and easy shell lighting, and distance photoelectric, and Shi Fute photoelectric, and section sharp photoelectric, and wisdom joint letter pass, and Shun boat intelligent technology, and in the constant sent Granville power, and China body lighting, and Lei Peide technology, and odd points technology, and wide day electrical, and times of light lighting electrical detection, and hung treasure technology, and Aix-en-Provence body electrical, and gold pioneer photoelectric, and days male lighting, and Fang Dazhi control, and song Sheng electronic, industry well-known Enterprise and well-known brand of support.