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Children's Rooms Lighting How To Choose Dec 21, 2016

When when you decorate the room for the children, especially when your children's room when choosing lamps, please don't ignore the eye functions of lighting. Don't know whether parents have noticed such a problem: under what conditions your child every day to read?

In General, ordinary light bulb light compared with natural light color is obviously on the Red instead of white light, due to the black and white contrast of light will be illuminated objects to reduce, and bring down the human eye's ability to distinguish, so if you want to see the font book, you must set eyes are close.

Also, because the bulb is a point light source, so very easy to produce very harmful to eyesight glare and large areas of shadow, long read in this light, eyes would feel tired. Although ordinary fluorescent light is white, but because it is 50 Hz alternating current direct lighting, fluorescent lamp brightness to 100 times per second the frequency keeps changing, and this is the phenomenon of fluorescent lamps, strobe.

As we all know, movies and TV have strobe 50 times per second, to watch over time eyes would feel tired. Similarly, flicker under fluorescent lights for a long time to learn, my eyes get tired.

Latest results show only a reading lamp-not easy to cause eye strain, is the key to solving the problem of child myopia. There are various styles of eye-light, Philips, Panasonic, Grand brands products such as magnesium, price ranges over more than 100 to more than 500 Yuan.

These new eye lights by color LCD illumination lamp-House without stroboscopic light developed fluorescent lamps. Can emit steady brightness, flicker-free, and natural light is extremely similar to that of white light, overcomes the weaknesses of traditional light sources, meets the requirements of primary and middle school students reading in the light for a long time, to reduce visual fatigue, prevent the occurrence and development of myopia has obvious effect, is an ideal source of light.