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Creative Lighting Dec 21, 2016

Lamps are a great invention of human conquest of the night, with a light, let us break the dark night. Modern lighting, is not only used for lighting, and a beautiful lighting, through levels of lighting create a romantic atmosphere at night.

Creative lighting can be divided into the following categories:

1, nice lighting, meet fun people

For example: funny table lamp design, using a pistol to control off, align it shot, its head will bend, and then shut out the lights, as if shot in the head for a moment, head backward.

2, with the aim of environmental protection idea lighting:

For example: never have thrown countless times, usually water bottles can also be turned into a wonderful lighting? This water bottle lamp may make you never litter.

Water bottles are screwed into this form, and is used as a simple screwed after here, nice light refraction between the formation of lights, for the environmental protection.

3, ultra chic creative lighting for the purpose of:

You can see it is prototype design made on the iPod, its control buttons, in the form of LED lamps here, 359 degrees can be flexibly rotated to illuminate each position, very interesting.

4, with the aim of energy-saving idea lighting:

For example: Italy designer Giulio iacchetti designed in fluorescent tubes external plus 7 hazy shades, shades of color can, at their discretion. Common fluorescent lamps, along with the different color shades after also become special again, also has a directional, above shades can be rotated according to their own forms. When you need a light source when shade can be reversed to orientate themselves, light a few people, can also be respectively in charge of their own "light". So that we can achieve energy saving effect.