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Home Decor Sign Lights Classification Oct 13, 2017

People in the home life, have work, study, rest, recreational and so on different request, so, the requirement of the light, color, shape, quality is different, the lamps and lanterns that use is not same naturally. The current lamps and lanterns with the new technology, the development of new material changes with each passing day, really is kaleidoscopic, the flower color is various. According to its location can be divided into the following categories.

1. Ceiling lamps

1. Chandelier (1) chandelier is a combination of lamps and lanterns. The poles have a long and short length. The long boom highlights the point line of the rod and the lamp, giving a feeling of standing up. The short rod highlights the shape and texture of the lamp itself; (2) chain pendant lamp, which is used by chain instead of straight pole, which highlights the opulence of the whole room; (3) telescopic pendant lamp can be adjusted freely, which is used in restaurants or other special parts.

2. Overhead light (1) protruding type suction lamp, which is installed directly in the ceiling; (2) embedded type suction lamp, which is embedded into the ceiling; (3) projection type suction lamp; (4) hidden overhead light, only see the light, and can't see the light of the lamp, usually the lamp slot.

Second, the wall lamp

There are wall and cantilever lights.

Three, desk lamp

Desk lamp is a kind of household appliance that people use to illuminate in life. It is generally divided into two kinds, one is the column type, the other is the clamp type.

Special lamps and lanterns

Use the lamps and lanterns of in the special site or for special purposes, such as chest lamp, decorate in household in, in fact, deserve to act the role of lamps and lanterns of accessories and furniture are equally important, even the lamps and lanterns also plays the effect that make the finishing point. In the conversation with the designer, the early discussion is not only the choice of using materials, selected style and furniture, remind everyone, but also pay attention to the lamps. However, how to choose suitable lamps and lanterns in various kinds, various shapes, colorful lamps and lanterns, the following four Suggestions are proposed:

1. Whether the shape of the lamp is coordinated with the whole decoration style;

2. The specifications, sizes and scales of lamps and lanterns should match the whole space;

3. The process, material and texture of lamps and lanterns can help to increase the cultural and artistic temperament of the whole household;

4, can not blindly pursue luxurious, should consider cheap and fine quality.

Crystal droplight

There are several types of crystal lamp: natural crystal cutting and grinding pendant chandelier, heavy lead crystal blow molding chandelier and low-lead crystal blow lamp; Crystal glass middle profile chandelier, crystal glass pendant chandelier, crystal glass die casting chandelier, crystal glass chandelier, etc