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Home Decor Sign Lights Classification Summary Oct 31, 2017

In modern home furnishings lamps are not only used for lighting, but more often it plays a decorative role. Choose different types, materials, style lighting, the home atmosphere is created by the living room, bedroom, kitchen, each room due to the different functional areas, the following came to introduce the next home decoration lamp classification knowledge.

One, from the light points

From the light up points, can be divided into fluorescent, spotlight, incandescent, energy-saving lamps, neon lights, etc., they are different colors, different brightness, so the use of places are not the same. For example: energy-saving lamps efficient energy-saving, may be more suitable for kitchen and toilet places, incandescent light soft, is more suitable for the bedroom; neon colorful colorful, is used for the need to embellish the atmosphere.

Second, from the shape and function points

From the appearance and function, the lamps can be divided into chandeliers, ceiling lights, cover lights, spotlights, fluorescent lamps and lamps and so on.


Chandeliers generally have a single chandelier and long chandelier two. Single head chandelier is more suitable for kitchen and restaurant, and long chandelier is more suitable for the living room. Chandeliers generally have milky white shades. There are two kinds of lampshade, one is the lamp down, the light can be direct exposure to the room, bright light. The other is the lamp up, the light projected onto the ceiling and then reflected to the room, the light soft.

There are many styles of chandeliers. Single chandeliers such as milky white ball shade, flower pots shade, elegant and bright, colorful. Long chandelier generally for the flower shape, a wide variety of colors. There are two layers of multiple and multi-storey. Style, purchase time not only from the attention to beautiful and elegant, but also from the reality, taking into account the overall style of the room and safe electricity and other factors, careful choice.

Ceiling lights

Directly mounted on the ceiling of the lamp type. Including the next to the projection lamp, astigmatism and full lighting, and several light type, the light source has incandescent ceiling and fluorescent lamp ceiling, is characterized by the ceiling can be bright, constitute a bright sense of the whole room. The disadvantage is easy to produce glare. As the general residential level is relatively low, it is widely used.

Cover lights

Cover lamp As the name suggests, use the lamp cover to cover the light, and then fixed to a certain area within the projection. Generally used in the ceiling, bedside, cabinets inside. Can hang, you can also floor. In the style of the tube, tube, flower pot, concave groove and a variety of under the wall lamp. Use a variety of, you can lighting, you can also create a special effect of light and shadow. Under normal circumstances, the number of watts should not be too large, more convenient to create a soft indoor environment


Spot a wide range, used for manufacturing effects, embellishment atmosphere. Color is white, beige, light gray, gold, silver, black and other colors; shape long, round, size and size of different sizes. Because the shape of exquisite small, very decorative. So in general, more in a variety of combinations placed in a more decorative place, from the details of the owner reflects the exquisite life and unique taste. In the selection of the appearance of the grade and the resulting light and shadow effects, because it is a typical decorative lighting, the degree of brightness may not be too much to consider.

wall lamp

The wall lamp is a lamp mounted on a wall. Is a micro-light interior decoration and supplementary lighting fixtures. Due to the ground is not high, generally with low wattage bulbs. Wall lamp commonly used light power, large use of 100 watts, 150 watts of incandescent bulbs, small use of 40 watts, 60 watts incandescent bulbs. You can also replace incandescent bulbs directly with compact fluorescent lamps.

Activities lamps

Can be free to place the lamp. Desktop lamps on the floor, the floor of the floor lights are belong to this lamp. Large floor lamps use 100W incandescent bulbs; small use of 60W or 75W, 100W incandescent bulbs. Large table lamps using incandescent lamps generally use 60 watt or 75 watt, 100 watt bulbs; small table lamps generally use 25 watt or 40 watt bulbs.

table lamp

Among the many lamps and lanterns, the most special one exists.