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Home Decor Sign Lights Color, Material Nov 02, 2017

How to choose the living room lights in recent years become a hot topic. From the simple lighting to the luxurious atmosphere of the home decoration, the status of the lamp in the room more and more important.

Lamps are not only lighting, but also furniture decorations, lighting is the most attractive temperament in the room, different shapes, colors, materials, Home Decor Sign Lights size for different living room to create a different light and shadow effects, showing a different room expression The What is the lamp in the living room? Need to follow the three principles, so as to find the most suitable for the living room fitted lights.

The choice of the dome is determined by the area and height of the living room. If the area is 50 square feet and the shape of the room is irregular, it is best to use a chandelier. If you have an open living room and dining area, the high contrast color may be a good choice The In general, Home Decor Sign Lights the ordinary lighting will make the space seem bland, so bold use of the main colors, the use of decorative lighting is a better choice. If the living room is tall and big, what light is good? At this time can be in accordance with the owner's hobby, age, culture, comfort and warmth of the views and standards, Home Decor Sign Lights as well as the requirements of the light style and choice. For example, you can in the middle of the European style living room with a long chandelier as the main light, creating a stable and generous, warm and warm environment, the subconscious to bring people back home relaxed and comfortable feeling.

Local lighting can use the floor lamp, wall lamp and so on to achieve the use and embellishment effect. Watching TV and leisure reading, installing high pole floor lamp more appropriate,Home Decor Sign Lights watching TV and reading off the dome light, open the floor lamp is neither glare, Home Decor Sign Lights but also make the environment look quiet and elegant. As the family room is not the same, the function of the living room is also different, such as some of the family's living room may have to act as a restaurant, so when the choice of lighting, but also a flexible grasp of the actual situation. No matter what the bright lights in the living room, Home Decor Sign Lights neither too dark nor dazzling, when the living room is small, you can turn off the main lighting, and open a wall lamp.

Kitchen: the particularity of the kitchen determines the light more practical, only the top of a light source to set the practice, can not meet the kitchen needs. Can be used ceiling lamps and embedded lamps installed in the bath or table to provide plenty of light, the need for special lighting can also be installed in the wall lamp or track lights. The top of the storage cabinet can be installed spotlights, Home Decor Sign Lights you can fully display the internal utensils, utensils.

Bathroom: the need for bright and soft light, the use of high frequency, repeated switch, should be incandescent lamp is appropriate. Bathroom due to water pipes, usually ceiling, should adopt ceiling lamps, downlights or embedded lamps.

Bedroom: bedroom is a private space, Home Decor Sign Lights lighting to create a "warm" atmosphere, decorative much higher than the practicality. The shape of the main lamp should be the same as the style of the whole bedroom. Such as furniture modeling more concise, do not use models of complex chandeliers; Home Decor Sign Lights such as placed Western-style classical furniture, then a simple ceiling light slightly "thin." In the lighting, the bedroom lighting should be soft, should choose less glare deep cover type lighting, or set the bed lamp or wall lamp, it is best to adjust the angle and brightness, so that bed reading and living.