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Home Decor Sign Lights How To Choose May 31, 2017

Every household decoration is indispensable to buy lights, lamps can reflect the home decoration style and the owner's life grade. But how to choose a luminaire has become a problem, quality? Style? Size? Security? …… Ling Lang everywhere lamp decoration let the choice of fear of the owner is very embarrassed, Home Decor Sign Lights now let the small weave to tell you to select the attention points of the lamp.

The selection principle of decorative lamps

1. Choose High safety lamps

In the choice of lamps and lanterns can not blindly cheap, but to first see its quality, a lot of inexpensive lamp quality is not clearance, often hidden dangers, Home Decor Sign Lights in the event of a fire, disastrous consequences.

2. Adapt to the height of the room

The height of the room below 3 meters, not suitable for the use of long hanging rod pendant lamp and the high degree of crystal lamps, otherwise it will hinder security.

3, with the size of the room to adapt

The area of lighting should not be greater than 2%-3% of the room area, such as insufficient lighting, can increase the number, otherwise it will affect the decorative effect.

4. Adapt to the environment quality of the room

Bathroom, kitchen and other special environment, should choose to have moistureproof, waterproof special function of lamps, to ensure normal use.

5, with the overall decoration style to adapt to

Chinese, Japanese-style, Home Decor Sign Lights European lamps and the surrounding decoration to harmonize the style to avoid giving people a messy feeling.

6, with the top of the load-bearing capacity to meet

In particular, to do the top of the ceiling, must have enough load to install a suitable lamp.

Second, the choice of lamps and lanterns in different rooms

1. Bedroom

The bedroom should be more with several lamps, ceiling lamp, table lamp, floor light, bedside lamp, etc., should be able to adjust, mix and use, to create a warm and atmosphere. Can be installed in the appropriate place a hanging main lamp, the bed is fitted with a wall lamp, and these lamps to be controlled separately. Wall lamp should use the diffuse material with low surface brightness shade, this can make the bedroom appear light and soft, advantageous to rest.

2. Restaurant

The Dining room table requests the level illumination, may choose the intense downward direct illumination lamp or the pull down type lamp, the lamp position is generally at the dining table directly above. The lampshade is suitable to use the bright and clean glass, Home Decor Sign Lights the plastic or the metal material, in order to scrub at any time. can also be used floor lamp lighting, in the vicinity of the wall may also be properly configured warm wall lamp, so that the atmosphere will be more enthusiastic guests, and can enhance appetite.

3. Kitchen, bathroom and aisle

Ceiling lamps are generally used in kitchens, bathrooms and walkways for easy cleaning and protection of light bulbs. The lamp in the kitchen should be made of glass or enamel lampshade for easy scrubbing and corrosion resistance. The toilet should use the bright and downy lamp, at the same time the lamp must have moistureproof and not easy to rust function.