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Home Decor Sign Lights Level Of Improvement Oct 16, 2017

With the improvement of the quality of life, in the home decoration, the application of lighting is more and more people pay attention to, but there are many people although aware of the importance of lighting, but do not know how to apply, so small days in this special home decoration lighting application said their views, hope to help you. In the home decoration, the first should be clear about the use and purpose of lighting facilities, Home Decor Sign Lights according to each different location to choose different lamps and appropriate illuminance.

The entrance hall is the first impression of the room, the light to be bright, the location of the luminaire to be placed in the entrance and in-depth indoor space at the junction. Setting a lamp on the cabinet or wall will make the hall feel wide open. Ceiling lamp with wall lamp or spotlights, elegant harmony. Home Decor Sign Lights and inductive lighting system, can solve the inconvenience of coming home in the dark.

The lighting in the corridor should be placed in the entrance of the room, the closet, especially the stair start and directional position, the staircase lighting should be bright, Home Decor Sign Lights avoid danger. The corridor needs sufficient light to use light with dimming devices to adjust the intensity of the light at any time. Emergency lighting equipment is also indispensable to prevent the need for power outages.

The living room is a family's common activity place, has the visitor, the audio-visual, the reading, the game and so on many functions, needs many kinds of lamplight to cooperate fully.

The style of the living room lamp is the master grade and the style an important performance, therefore, the living room illumination lamp should harmonize with other furniture, Home Decor Sign Lights creates the good visitor environment and the home atmosphere. If the living room is larger (more than 20 square meters), and the layer height of 3 meters above, it is advisable to choose a larger number of long chandeliers. Chandeliers due to bright lighting, compelling style, the overall style of the living room has a great impact. Low altitude, small area of the living room, should choose the ceiling lamp, because the light source from the ground 2.3 meters or so, the best lighting effect, if the room only 2.5 meters, the height of the lamp itself should be around 20 centimeters, the thickness of a small ceiling lamp can achieve a good overall lighting effect.

Spotlights can create a unique environment, Home Decor Sign Lights can be placed in the chandelier for four weeks or furniture, so that direct exposure to light in the need to emphasize the items, to achieve a prominent focus, a rich level of artistic effect.

Bedroom is the owner of the private space to rest, should choose less glare of the deep cover type, translucent lamps, in the entrance and bed by a total of three switches. The color of the light is best orange, yellowish color, such as neutral color or warm, help to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. In addition to selecting the main lamp, there should be lamp, ground lamp, wall lamp, etc., in order to play the role of local lighting and decorative small environment.

In addition to setting the table lamp in the study to set general lighting, reduce indoor brightness contrast, avoid fatigue. Study lighting mainly to meet the use of reading, writing, to consider the function of light, style simple and generous, light to be soft and bright, Home Decor Sign Lights to avoid glare, so that people learn and work comfortably.

The local lighting of the restaurant should be used to use hanging lamps to facilitate dining. At the same time to set the general lighting, Home Decor Sign Lights so that the room has a certain degree of brightness. The soft yellow light can make the dishes on the table look more delicious, adding to the atmosphere and ambience of family reunion.