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Home Decor Sign Lights Particularly Important Jul 20, 2017

The living room is the largest public place in the home, Home Decor Sign Lights need to create a warm atmosphere, so you can use the traditional dome or dome lights, Home Decor Sign Lights living room lighting configuration will usually use the main lighting and auxiliary lighting with the light, Home Decor Sign Lights you can adjust the brightness and highlights , To add the mood of the room. But must maintain the overall style of coherence.

The restaurant is where people eat, the light not only needs to be soft, but also can induce people's appetite, so the restaurant lighting, soft tone, quiet, Home Decor Sign Lights have enough brightness, and with the surrounding tables and chairs to match, constitute a visual Beauty; so the selection of restaurant lamps is particularly important. In the restaurant decoration, we often use hanging lamps to highlight the table, Home Decor Sign Lights you can use warm chandeliers to create a warm dining atmosphere. But also to set the general lighting, so that the whole room has a certain brightness, giving a clean and tidy feeling

Kitchen lamps and lanterns to moderate color to use vegetables to maintain the primary colors of fluorescent lamps is better, the kitchen determines the specificity of the light more practical, Home Decor Sign Lights try not to be too fancy, from the energy to consider, do not need to place too much light, You can also install smart switches. In order to facilitate housewife washing dishes, etc., Home Decor Sign Lights can be used ceiling lamps or embedded lamps installed in the tub to provide plenty of light, the need for special lighting can also be installed in the wall lamp or track lights.

Family bathroom need to illuminate the soft light to set off a clean and refreshing atmosphere, Home Decor Sign Lights the use of high frequency of light, the general should choose the ceiling. The overall lighting of the bathroom need not be too adequate, as long as there are several key points. Such as the installation of mirrors can be set up independent lights, in the wash basin on the mirror or wall wall lamp, our aim is to make every key parts of the bathroom can be fully illuminated.

Bedroom is a private space, in this space you can be arbitrary, Home Decor Sign Lights the layout should be warm, comfortable, pleasant feeling based on the layout of the light must not have a sense of oppression. The style of the main lamp should be the same as the style of the whole bedroom decoration, the light should not be too strong or too white, to prevent the bedroom appears stiff and not angry.Home Decor Sign Lights Can use warm yellow ceiling chandeliers, with the appropriate shade, so that the room more romantic and comfortable warmth. Above the bed can be embedded in the lamp or wall lamp, but also in the decorative cabinet inlaid lamp, in order to bed reading. Bedroom lighting should be conducive to form a quiet, gentle atmosphere, people have a sense of security.

Study is second only to the master bedroom of the private space, is the place where people learn and rest, so the atmosphere pay attention to calm and quiet, Home Decor Sign Lights the light should be soft. Another lighting must meet the requirements, to prevent eye fatigue, and even myopia. If the conditions permit, it is best to be equipped with a eye lamp, because the eye lamp to solve the incandescent light color reddish, Home Decor Sign Lights low contrast problems, but also to solve the energy-saving lamps and fluorescent light caused by sight damage.

1, select the high safety lamps

In the choice of lamps can not blindly cheap, Home Decor Sign Lights but to look at its quality, a lot of cheap lighting quality, but often hidden, in the event of fire, the consequences could be disastrous.

2, with the height of the room to adapt

Room height below 3 meters, should not use the long boom of the chandelier and sinking high crystal lamp, Home Decor Sign Lights otherwise it will hinder the safety.

3, with the room to adapt to the area

Lighting area should not be greater than the room area of 2% -3%, Home Decor Sign Lights such as lack of lighting, can increase the number, otherwise it will affect the decorative effect.

4, with the room to meet the environmental quality

Bathroom, kitchen and other special environment, Home Decor Sign Lights should choose a moisture-proof, waterproof special features of the lamps to ensure the normal use.

5, with the overall decoration style to adapt

Chinese, Japanese, Home Decor Sign Lights European-style lamps and the surrounding decoration style to harmonize in order to avoid giving people the feeling of messy.

6, with the top of the load-bearing capacity to adapt

Especially to do the top of the ceiling, there must be enough load to install the appropriate lighting.