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Home Decor Sign Lights The Cleaning Skills Sep 27, 2017

Home decoration, lighting can be considered a bright spot, Home Decor Sign Lights different decoration styles have different shapes of lamps to match, shine our space, light our home! Although it is decorated, but also need regular cleaning, maintenance, Home Decor Sign Lights the following we look at the life of several decorative lights in the common cleaning skills, so that your home more dazzling!

Crystal lamp in life more often heard, generally appear in the European style, especially the real estate essential decorations. Crystal lamp gorgeous appearance, Home Decor Sign Lights modeling cumbersome, the value is more expensive, if the dust, it will make the whole home greatly reduced the style. Although the crystal lamp is good-looking but clean more trouble, we can clean their own when cleaning a special cleaning agent, dust will be taken away with the liquid volatile, if there is no special cleaning agent, Home Decor Sign Lights it is recommended not to use other cleaning agents to avoid chemical reactions, Wipe off the cloth can be carefully wiped. If the crystal lamp has a sticky grease, it is recommended to find a special cleaning workers, so as not to damage the crystal lamp, more harm than good.

This kind of lamp in the industrial wind, the most common in the Nordic wind, can be decorated in the guest restaurant, material clear glass lamp all kinds of modeling, Home Decor Sign Lights giving a changing visual experience, metal chandeliers let the space to add a touch rate sexy. These two kinds of lighting, if the removable lampshade, can be directly removed to wash and dry can; if not demolition, Home Decor Sign Lights with a special glass cleaning cloth scrubbing water, and soon let the lamps a new look! In addition, if you want the metal lamp more shiny, can be furniture maintenance wax or water wax to "round" way to wipe, you can eliminate the small fine lines on the metal!

Cloth light gives a sense of soft, can create a comfortable, Home Decor Sign Lights romantic atmosphere, mostly in the Nordic, rural wind. The cleaning of the cloth lamp is divided into two steps: the dust is cleaned with dust and the wipes can be wiped with the cloth. Home Decor Sign Lights It is important to note that if the paper has paper material inside, it is necessary to avoid the use of detergent to avoid damage.

Paper lights, can create a classic sense of the East, Home Decor Sign Lights often with a lantern-like paper for lighting. However, the paper is born with a fragile material, want to clean clean and not destroy the lamp itself, you have to be very careful. "Fast, Home Decor Sign Lights careful, gentle" is the cleaning paper lamp three main points, in addition to avoid the use of cleaning agents, the use of micro-wet cloth can be quickly cleaned to maintain the bright and clean lights.

In order to save energy and environmental protection, many people choose LED lights for the main light source, but the LED lights fear of water, Home Decor Sign Lights usually installed in the living room or bedroom and other dry place. To clean, remember to avoid wiping with a wet cloth, otherwise it will reduce the service life, just use a dry cloth or dust dust cleaning, dust can be removed. If you encounter more stubborn dirt, Home Decor Sign Lights as long as the dry cloth and then clean the water immediately after cleaning, you can let the LED light once again shining.