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Home Decor Sign Lights The Importance Of Aug 15, 2017

With the improvement of quality of life, Home Decor Sign Lights in the home decoration, Home Decor Sign Lights the application of light is more and more people pay attention, but there are many people, although aware of the importance of light, but do not know how to apply, so small days in This specifically on the home decoration of the lighting application to talk about their views, hoping to help you.

The entrance hall is the place where the initial impression is entered in the room. The light is bright and the position of the lamp is to be placed at the entrance and deep into the interior space. Home Decor Sign Lights In the cabinet or wall lights, will make the hall there is a sense of wide. Ceiling light with wall lamp or spotlight, elegant and harmonious. The induction of the lighting system, can solve the inconvenience of home into the black.

Corridor lighting should be placed in the entrance of the room, closet, especially the stairs start and directional position, staircase lighting to be bright, to avoid danger. Home Decor Sign Lights Corridors need plenty of light, you can use the dimming device with the light, so at any time to adjust the light intensity. Emergency lighting equipment is also indispensable to prevent power outages from time to time.

The living room is a common place for the family, Home Decor Sign Lights with a guest, audio-visual, reading, games and other functions, need a variety of lighting fully cooperate.

The style of the living room lighting is the master of the taste and style of an important performance, therefore, the living room lighting should be harmonized with other furniture to create a good atmosphere and home atmosphere. If the living room is larger (more than 20 square meters), and the height of more than 3 meters, should choose a large number of long chandeliers. Chandelier due to bright lighting, eye-catching style, Home Decor Sign Lights the living room of the overall style have a great impact. Low level, Home Decor Sign Lights the smaller living room, should choose the ceiling, because the light source from the ground about 2.3 meters, the lighting effect is the best, if the room is only about 2.5 meters, the height of the lamp itself should be about 20 cm, the thickness of the small suction Dome light can achieve good overall lighting effect.

Spotlights can create a unique environment, can be placed in the chandelier around the top of the furniture or so that the light directly on the need to emphasize the items, to focus on the level of rich artistic effect.

Bedroom is the owner of the rest of the private space, should choose less glare deep cover type, translucent lamps, in the entrance and the bed a total of three switches. Home Decor Sign Lights The color of the light is best orange, light yellow and other neutral or warm, help to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. In addition to the choice of the main lamp, but also should have a lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, etc., to play a local lighting and decorative beautification of the role of small environment.

In addition to the layout of the desk in addition to the installation of general lighting, reduce indoor brightness contrast, to avoid fatigue. Study lighting mainly to meet the reading, writing purposes, to consider the lighting of the functional, simple and generous style can be, light to be bright and bright, to avoid glare, people comfortable to learn and work.

The lamps in the kitchen must be of sufficient brightness to meet the needs of the cooker at will. In addition to the installation of the kitchen with scattered light anti-fog smoke ceiling, Home Decor Sign Lights but also in accordance with the arrangement of the stove, according to the actual needs of the installation of wall lamps or care countertops lamps. Install the fixture as far as possible from the stove, avoid steam and fumes, and use a safety sockets. The shape of the lamp should be as simple as possible to facilitate wiping.

In the open kitchen due to the kitchen and the restaurant together, the lighting settings to be a little more complicated. In general, the bright light can contrast the tempting color of the food, so the restaurant's lights are usually composed of the main lights above the table and one or two auxiliary lights. Home Decor Sign Lights The former is installed on the ceiling, the light source down; the latter can be in the stove, cupboard, refrigerator, wine cabinet because of the need for Among them, the decorative cabinet, Home Decor Sign Lights wine cabinet light intensity, to be able to emphasize the cabinet display does not affect the external environment is better.

If the height and size of the room is large enough, you can decorate the chandelier at the top of the table, the height of the chandelier is generally about 55-60 cm from the table to avoid sight or glare. Can also be set to lift the chandelier. Adjust the height of the lamp as needed. If the table is long, Home Decor Sign Lights you can consider using a few chandeliers with switches, so that you can open up smaller or larger light spaces as needed.