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LED Eight Off-season Marketing Ideas Dec 21, 2016

Many dealers with a dare to think, dare, dare to fight in the market belongs to own a piece of heaven and Earth, so businesses operating in both advances and retreats, should change its "off-season" business philosophy, changing mind, break the negative psychological defenses, good sales of enthusiasm, and will actively take measures to share ideas, for your reference.

If the LED industry distributor of passive sales, waiting policy LED manufacturers, LED market doesn't value, companies will find it hard to cope with, dealers will face a bottleneck in the development of!

From passive marketing to active marketing, means that the dealer is no longer relying on the manufacturer's resources to operate the market, but really as an operational body, through its own initiative to get the market growth. This would require dealers to change marketing-oriented, distributors, supplemented by the passive marketing methods into dealer marketing, business marketing, supplemented by way of marketing.

Dealers have to always remember, or downstream network loyal business with you, it is because without you, depend on you will be faithful to you, don't expect businesses and you have feelings and emotions is developed on the basis of mutual dependence.

So, dealers want to live better, now must be restructured and must be actively marketing, active release, take the initiative to set up his own image and brand new.