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Light Box Classification Aug 29, 2017

Light box, a light box for X-ray photo (negative). The light box is generally used for lamp, preferably PC board, the material is resistant to temperature of 145 degrees, and the temperature is low to 55 degrees.

Light box classification

According to the material points, ultra-thin light boxes, light box, scrolling light box, crystal light box, lab light box, electronic light box, EL light box, LED light box, acrylic light box, aluminum box, glass fiber reinforced plastic light boxes, stainless steel light boxes, etc.

According to the shape, square box, circular box, 3 d box, three-dimensional light boxes, double-sided light box, light box, clamshell light boxes, pillar landing light box, the three light box, the sucker type light boxes, in painting light box, scrolling light box, light box, color box, rotating light boxes, etc.

According to the use, guide light box, bank light box, visual chart light box, color light box, advertisement lamp box, indicator light box, etc.

New light box, mirror lamp box, sensor lamp box, magic lamp box, changing light box, magic light box, solar light box, magnetic levitation light box, EEFL light box, etc

Main products

Guide plate, ultrathin light box, guide light box, crystal light box, plastic lamp box, energy-saving light box, T5 fluorescent lamp, T5 lamp tube, electronic ballast, eefl external electrode fluorescent lamp, eefl inverter

Guide plate

The edge photoconductive light plate ultra-thin light box is used in the international advanced "back light" technology of high - tech products. Super thin and beautiful, efficient and energy-saving, light and bright. The technology was first developed for LCD screens used in laptops. It has been widely used in various fields including the photoelectric field. Characteristics of the light-guide plate ultra-thin light box:

1. Ultrathin: between 1 cm and 4 cm thick

2. Aesthetic appearance: applicable to any fashion area

3. Efficient and energy-saving: more than 60% energy saving than traditional light box

4. Brightness: the line light source is the light source, and the light intensity is more uniform, softer and more comfortable

5. Convenient installation: quick opening of the design, simpler and quicker replacement of the lamp, and can be replaced within five minutes

6. Patent guiding light technology design: its principle and effect can rival the LCD screen of a laptop.

The light source is introduced

The electrode of EEFL (external electrode fluorescent lamp) tube is outside the lamp tube, which is different from the ordinary fluorescent lamp. The electric field generated by the external electrode is formed by the photoelectric plasma of the lamp tube.

Advantages of EEFL guided photoplate ultra-thin light box:

1. Multiple sizes (lamp tube length from 20-to-170cm, random combination)

2. High energy saving (according to the different length of the lamp tube, the power is only 3-6 watts, and the comprehensive energy saving is 50-70%)

3. Long service life (its principle determines that the service life is long, the stability is high efficiency, up to 60 thousand hours, three years have quality problems, free exchange)

4. Small volume (0.5-0.8 cm in diameter of the tube, saving the volume of light box)

5. Low temperature (the surface temperature of the lamp tube is only about 38 degrees, and the use of air conditioning in the room is very safe.)

6. Multi-color (red, yellow, blue, white, green, color temperature can be selected from 2500k-17500k)

7. Uniform light (EEFL can form a uniform plasma column along the tube axis to make the glow uniform)

8. Drive multiple light tubes (EEFL power supply), one can drive multiple bulbs.

9. Free maintenance (saving lamp replacement and lamp tube cost)

Product specification

Our super thin light box products are divided into aluminum exterior frame series, stainless steel outer frame series, crystal outer frame series and plastic frame series. We named it AF, SSF, CF and PF...

The casing outside the product

Aluminum alloy profile, surface oxidation treatment, silver (surface customizable metal baking paint)

Product light source

Energy saving lamp, LED and EEFL

Energy-saving lamps use Philip or the department of T5 tube. Meet international standards, photosynthetic efficiency more than 100 lm/W, life 10000 hours. The above T5 efficient energy-saving lamp adopts three colors of rare earth powder fluorescent tube, no radiation, more fine than T8 lamp, luminous efficiency is higher, its light flicker-free, close to natural light, and high color rendering index, according to the objects colorful, clear and bright, suitable for long time in the workplace, can make the workers feel better, give a person with lively excited light feeling. In the case of the same power consumption, T5 efficient energy-saving lamps than T8 fluorescent lamp energy saving 35% ~ 50%, line current down three times, their basic fever can prolong life 2 ~ 3 times truly realize the green lighting energy conservation and environmental protection.

EEFL light effect is above 168Lm/W, with a life span of more than 60000 hours, EEFL is made of a hard glass tube -- high boron silicate glass, which is finer than the T4 lamp tube, and the EEFL high-efficiency energy-saving lamp is more than 50% energy saving than the T4 fluorescent lamp.