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Light Box Compared To The Characteristics Oct 24, 2017

Outdoor advertising light box is a common form of advertising, in the streets of the city, whether it is day or night can see the outdoor light box billboards standing on the street, whether people are not, the store is open, it is always in that Show advertising show.

The use of three-dimensional luminous word processing technology. As the quality of acrylic stability, its products with hyperopia clear effect, good light transmission, high compressive strength, more than ten years do not fade, bright as new and other light boxes, metal words can not be compared to the characteristics of sustainable business , The strength of the preferred business to share.

Light box aluminum, used to make large outdoor light cloth light box use. With low cost, beautiful, easy installation and so on.

Itself has a high grade characteristics, regardless of day and night are beautiful and generous, with a strong visual impact

Its characteristics: three-dimensional strong, light (up to 96%), Light Box  pure color, smooth and beautiful, both day and night effects of both, heat-resistant, environmentally friendly, anti-corrosion and other characteristics, the normal life of 8-10 years.

Ultra-thin light box is a rapid development of a light box, Light Box  which uses light guide plate technology. A fluorescent lamp or an LED or the like is used as a light source. With thin, bright, uniform, provincial characteristics. There are single-sided cards, double-sided cards, arc cards and signs.

Advertising light boxes in addition to the kind of indoor use of the bright and colorful products, as well as outdoor advertising light boxes. Outdoor advertising light box has been a long history of the test, and now outdoor advertising light box has been successfully highlighted in the transmission of information, Light Box  to expand the impact of the advantages of the majority of customers loved.

There are several kinds of advertising light box production materials, Light Box  each advertising light box production materials have different prices, so the material cost estimates are still very easy to estimate.

The production cost of the advertising light box generally includes the design cost of the design department and the processing cost of the production department. Light Box  The cost of design costs mainly to see this advertising light box in the design fee is not labor, Light Box  to design the advertising light box structure is complex, demanding, that cost is not the same.

There are several kinds of digital rolling systems in the light box, and the price of different rolling systems is different. The price cost estimation of digital rolling system can be estimated according to the price on the market

Advertising light box panel is used in ordinary glass material or tempered glass materials, glass materials are not the same price.

If the advertising light box of the sub-Canada, such as LED display or receive and send devices have not, if the cost is not the same.

Cost estimates and ultimately depends on its surface treatment process, is painting, spray or paint it? Processing technology is not the same, the cost is also very different.