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Light Box Cultural Features May 31, 2017

Rolling advertising Lightbox is a new way of advertising in outdoor billboards. It is also known as the scrolling and painting Lightbox (Scrolling panel), Light Box the use of micro-computer control, in turn to rotate the volume of painting to display 4 to 6 different advertising pictures, a group of light boxes can be synchronized operation. The stay time of each picture can be set by the client through the Special controller keyboard precisely, Light Box set the range 1-30 seconds, the operation is quiet, the picture transforms smoothly smoothly.

Scrolling and painting light box originated in Europe, the rise of this new concept can not only maximize the use of billboards space, but also allow audiences to enjoy more enjoyable advertising pictures, and better attract their attention. At the same time on a billboard to publish a variety of information can be in a limited space to enhance the impact of advertising, increase the sales of products, Light Box because this advertising has the scrolling characteristics, it is the kind of constantly changing advertising images to maximize the attention of the audience. Can not deny that the audience's attention will be more focused on the billboards on the text appeal information, but they will be interested in scrolling picture is certainly higher than a single flat advertising. According to the survey, as a result of changes in the screen, so that pedestrians are willing to stop to watch the time increased by 25%, if just in the picture scrolling, this opportunity will increase 1 time times, Light Box people just want to stop to see the next scene.

This dynamic billboard allows product advertising closer to our real life, especially in the flow of people, traffic volume more busy lot, this billboard brings different feelings to the audience.

Always unknown for the beauty of the city to do their part, you can say that the current rolling light box structure design varied, and the city's cultural characteristics in line with, not only to enhance the image of the city, but also to add a new bright spot for the city.

Rolling light box style and types are divided into many kinds and full-featured, the style has a scrolling light box reading bulletin, refers to the Signpost light box, rolling light box shelter, anti-mosquito light boxes, rolling box boxes and so on. These exquisite outdoor scrolling lightbox 24 hours uninterrupted display of advertising screen, not only beautify the city, while disseminating brand information, enhance the city's taste, Light Box highlighting the city's cultural characteristics.