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Light Box Development And Business Needs Aug 15, 2017

With the development of the city and the increase in business demand, light box advertising coverage is increasing, whether it is business district, Light Box bus station or a variety of real estate district, light box advertising is everywhere.

1, graphic design. Graphics is an important part of the light box advertising, because most of the light boxes are set outdoors, so as with other outdoor advertising, need to instantly cause a strong attention, and to achieve this effect, the graphics will be expressive , Light Box Stressing the real, this is conducive to deepen the people's understanding of the picture, understanding and memory.

2, in addition to the design of the graphics to pay special attention to the outside, the light box picture color must be bright enough, and have a huge impact, but should pay attention, Light Box not too complicated color, because too much color will lead to passing people vision fatigue. In general, the color of the light box picture must be bright, not too dark so that people ignore, to give people a certain degree of visual stimulation, eye-catching.

3, the design of the light box is actually a graphic design and the main design of the concentrated reflection, so it is necessary to have a very fine picture, Light Box in the shape also need to pay attention to. If you are always square, it is lack of vitality, so the light box in the graphic design, we should pay attention to the beauty of geometric modeling, so that not only allows you to achieve the desired effect of light box advertising, Light Box but also has a high appreciation of the value of the city A beautiful landscape.

The color light box can make the sample, production, quality inspection, acceptance in the same standard light source, accurate proof of the color deviation of the goods can be used for textile, printing and dyeing industry, such as color fastness of the visual assessment, color proofing, And fluorescent substances, to ensure that the color quality of goods meet the requirements, thereby improving product quality and market competitiveness.

Light box is usually a variety of light source combination, such as to provide analog daylight D65, D75, D50, simulation store showroom lighting TL84, CWF, U30, Light Box as well as home lighting F, INCA, horizontal daylight HORIZON, UV lamp UV Wait. These light sources must be approved by international large organizations such as Wal-Mart, Martha approved store lighting, international inspection agency approved daylight, Light Box merchants specified a variety of special requirements of lighting and so on.

1, the color light box in a variety of light source selection is through the box on the corresponding light source name of the touch button control, to achieve fast switching and fast lighting will need to compare the color deviation of the two items placed on the color light box in the central symmetrical position , Light Box As long as the human eye or light and the measured object between the angle of 45 degrees, are the best viewing angle.

2, the use of light boxes, should try to avoid exposure to the outside world to be detected on the items, while the light box can not be placed in other debris.

3, the color light box lamp in the use of more than 2000 hours later, it is necessary to replace the new lamp, in order to avoid the aging of the lamp and affect the visual observation of the color effect.

4, if the light box wall stains stained, you can use a clean soft cloth dipped in alkaline low concentration cleaner wipe clean, so that the inner frame clean, dry, Light Box to avoid damage to the detection of light inside the light box coating, affecting the color effect.

5, if the light box is damaged by the inner ring, can not play the role of light absorption, should be replaced. Lamps are overtaken to cause blackening at both ends. Replacement of new lamps.