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Light Box Good Light Transmission Oct 09, 2017

The use of three-dimensional luminous word processing technology. As the quality of acrylic stability, its products with hyperopia clear effect, good light transmission, high compressive strength, Light Box more than ten years do not fade, bright as new and other light boxes, Light Box metal words can not be compared to the characteristics of sustainable business , The strength of the preferred business to share.

Light box aluminum, used to make large outdoor light cloth light box use. With low cost, beautiful, easy installation and so on.

Itself has a high grade characteristics, Light Box regardless of day and night are beautiful and generous, with a strong visual impact

Its characteristics: three-dimensional strong, light (up to 96%), pure color, smooth and beautiful, both day and night effects of both, heat-resistant, environmentally friendly, anti-corrosion and other characteristics, the normal life of 8-10 years.

Ultra-thin light box is a rapid development of a light box, which uses light guide plate technology. A fluorescent lamp or an LED or the like is used as a light source. With thin, bright, Light Box uniform, provincial characteristics. There are single-sided cards, double-sided cards, arc cards and signs.

Xenon lamp as a light source, installed in the light box, the projector is the starting position of light. How to use the light box will directly affect the quality of the screen, to make the xenon lamp to play the best performance, you must correctly use the light box, and light boxes for regular inspection, cleaning and debugging. For maintenance use, in the work of the visit, also found some problems, Light Box this article will be the typical examples were listed, hope to be able to pay attention to this, and take effective measures to improve!

Light box mainly by the mirror, UV mirror, Light Box X, Y, Z axis adjustment knob, cathode adapter kit, xenon lamp connector kit and universal shaft and other components.

Light box with a separate installation, Light Box the main advantages are:

1, the storage xenon lamp information. (S series light information stored in the theater control panel)

2, to achieve different brightness requirements of 2D and 3D fast switching.

3, emergency easy to handle.

4, easy to determine the lamp failure.

5, if the xenon lamp explosion, Light Box you can safely control the xenon lamp fragments, protect the optical path and the user.

Light box is an important part of the optical components in the projector. However, in the inspection work, it is found that many theater technicians are not in time to maintain and lack of regular X, Y, Z triaxial debugging and so on, thus lead to xenon lamp luminous utilization Poor situation.