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Light Box High Surface Finish Jul 28, 2017

Acrylic light box, the chemical name of methyl methacrylate, Light Box that is, high purity plexiglass plate, which made of acrylic plate surface finish high, outdoor anti-ultraviolet ability, the general high-purity acrylic color plate placed outdoors 8-10 years Will fade. In the advertising industry, Light Box because of its many advantages, it has become a high-quality advertising materials.

Among the many types of light boxes, which belong to the superior products of light boxes which have acrylic light boxes, it has a few features:

1, we all know that the acrylic light box is a use of acrylic sheet to produce the light box, Light Box acrylic sheet itself is a fine raw materials, so the use of acrylic sheet to produce light boxes have excellent weather resistance, suitable for the Used in a climatic environment, able to withstand wind and rain,Light Box  and prolonged use still retains the initial performance of the town.

2, acrylic sheet is a colorless and transparent plexiglass material, Light Box translucent degree of more than 92%, so use it to produce out of the light box has a strong transparency, showing the effect is very good.

3, the acrylic sheet is environmentally friendly plate type, Light Box therefore, use it to produce the light box, it has excellent environmental performance, Light Box it will not release the toxic gas when burning, and the human body for a long time will not affect the contact The health of the human body.

4, the acrylic light box has a very good processing performance, we re-processing in the production of it, you can use the mechanical processing, you can also use the hot processing of the production process, if there is a need for its surface decoration, we can The use of silk screen, Light Box spray and vacuum coating, etc. to its surface treatment.

5, the acrylic light box has excellent overall performance, Light Box acrylic light box a wide range of products, and their color is very rich, to meet the needs of consumers in general consumption.

1, according to the plastic light box of acrylic panel shape different, Light Box generally can be divided into: ① plastic word light box; ② silk screen light box;

2, according to the plastic light box box shape different, Light Box the most common include: ① rectangular plastic light box; ② square plastic light box; ③ circular plastic light box; ④ oval plastic light box; ⑤ circular arc plastic Light box; ⑥ shaped plastic light box;

3, blister light box is only one of the types of light boxes, Light Box according to the light box material and performance in different forms, generally: ultra-thin light box (light guide light box); crystal light box; rolling light boxes; aluminum light boxes;

Acrylic light box price standard is calculated according to the square, Light Box that is, how much money an acrylic light box? Many people want to know how the price of acrylic light box is by the structure, material, size and artificial to decide, Composition, so that it can be more clear understanding of the price of acrylic light boxes, be aware of.

The price is mainly determined by the thickness of the acrylic panel, the size of the steel structure, and the cost of labor. Like the big acrylic light box of some of the panels to reach 5mm, while the small only 2mm. There are some chain stores for the use of acrylic light box deformation products: plastic light boxes. Can be sub-block production, because the acrylic light box panel the largest domestic size is: 120 * 240cm. If the production size is larger than this size, you need to stitch, but affect the appearance. In reality,Light Box it is used for block production. This is why a lot of chain stores blister light box is sub-unit block.