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Light Box In The Production Process Aug 28, 2017

Advertising light box in the production process, the need for a lot of technology, which is important process technology, then how should we use it.

1, thermal transfer technology: flexible light box on the cloth to add solid ink to do hot pressing, day and night as eye-catching, can replace the stickers. Layer plus protective film, more anti-ultraviolet, automatic removal of dirt and so on. Thermal transfer technology is the ideal means of advertising light boxes, especially for dealing with fonts, cartoon block pattern, shelf life of up to 5-8 years.

2, advertising light box light box fabric tension system and profile light box technology: the light box can be strong, smooth, the overall durable, can resist 100KM / hour of wind.

3, advertising light box light box cloth seam: high-frequency high-pressure hot seam, the use of special welding, special seam belt, is to deal with light boxes of the auxiliary technical means.

4, computer inkjet: Widely due to deal with advertising light box light box picture, clarity 9,12,36,72, DPI, etc., for the format 5M or less, for different locations, different distance advertising light boxes and production. Recently abroad to enter the Chinese market, high-definition large-scale inkjet equipment: 240DPI, 360DPI, width 5M, but the price is high, applicability is limited, should not be widely promoted.

5, computer photo: more than 240DPI clarity, suitable for indoor and outdoor production of close-up advertising.

6, thermoforming process: for PVC, PC, organic board and other materials, can make signs, text, graphics with a variety of colors, a molding, is one of the forms of modern popular light boxes.

7, slot type of technology: the contemporary high-end font production process, the use of professional equipment, fine production, is a substitute for copper, iron word of a new generation of products.

8, computer carving light box technology: built-in lights, external computer carving, contour light uniform, is a new type of light box products.

9, a variety of computer carving process: for a variety of signs, the font production.

Therefore, the advertising light box production process is still relatively cumbersome, but the effect is great!