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Light Box Making The Characteristics Of The Material Oct 31, 2017

In the outdoors can be seen to see the advertising light box, advertising light box production materials in the advertising industry occupies a large market share, can not be ignored an advertising material, it not only in the outdoor advertising, can also be placed inside the building advertising light box production materials The Here to summarize the advertising light box production materials and features, I hope to help you.

Light box advertising, also known as "light box posters" or "night Ming posters." Foreign called "semi-permanent" street art. Outdoor light box advertising is different from other types of advertising. Village material is the outdoor advertising design thinking to achieve the material basis, outdoor advertising design ultimately use the material made of finished products and installed in place to convey the advertising information.

It produces a lot of materials, including PC board, KT board, PVC board, PP board, stainless steel, acrylic, tempered glass, iron plate, aluminum plate, hard plastic, all kinds of paper, stone, wood, Timely paste, body stickers, color plates, photoresist, photosensitive film, light boxes, light boxes cloth, fluorescent paste, cold film, reflective film, all kinds of lamps, all kinds of adhesives and various aluminum.

In the outdoor light box advertising screen design and production, in order to recover the realism and artistry, the use of color printing or photographic inkjet; also in special paper, plastic sheet (film), light box cloth to screen printing way to produce light box Screen, and in accordance with its copy costs, weatherability and other requirements to choose the production methods and materials. Here to talk about the characteristics of light box advertising:

1. Large picture:

Many of the print media for indoor or small-scale communication, the format is small; and outdoor light box advertising through the door, notice (publicity) column, vertical light box painting in the form of advertising content. Than other print ads larger, the font is also large, very compelling.

2. Hyperopia:

Outdoor light box advertising function, through the natural light (day), auxiliary light (night) two forms, to the outdoor people, people from afar to convey information. Advertising works far from the effect of strong, right in the modern society of fast-paced, high efficiency, come and go in a hurry to deliberately concerned about the people.

3. Wide content:

In the commercial category of goods, transportation, safety, welfare, savings, insurance, tax and so on; in the commercial category of products, enterprises, tourism, services, etc .; in cultural and educational culture, education, art, etc., can be widely Play a role. Public relations activities on the role of advertising is also a great publicity.

4. both sex:

Display a variety of forms, with both the text and color functions, from the product logo, name, physical photos, color, business intentions to culture, economy, customs, beliefs, norms are not included. Through the idea and unique creativity, tightly caught to induce consumers to buy this "ring" to visually convey the heterogeneity, to achieve the purpose of advertising.

5. Fixation and complexity:

Outdoor light box advertising regardless of what form, have its in a certain range, location fixed requirements. As a permanent display device, its basic structure than other forms of advertising complex. Including frame, cladding material, patterned printed layer, windproof, rainproof construction, and night lighting as lighting facilities, making it more costly in single copy than other ads.

Outdoor light box advertising more types, there is no clear way to classify the species. But the scope of application and divided into film, clothing ads (poster light box painting); alcohol advertising (light box painting, selling point display card): bank, insurance advertising (door, column light box); electrical advertising (selling point Display cards, floor light boxes); subway stations, bus booth advertising, etc., such as an advertising production

Advertising light box production materials is a very popular advertising material, but also choose the right place to put.