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Light Box Processing Technology Oct 13, 2017

Sharkarstain, a light box for the X-ray photo (negative). The light box is generally used for lamp, preferably PC board, the material is resistant to temperature of 145 degrees, and the temperature is low to 55 degrees.

With the further promotion of the moulding light box and the increasing competition of the market and the constant emergence of new materials, the process of forming the lamp box will be continuously improved and the performance will be constantly enriched. We have reason to believe that the shape light box will definitely show more beauty in more space!

The intelligent revolving light box is different from the ordinary light box, and the intelligent revolving light box can install multiple advertising pictures in a light box, which can be automatically converted in the set time. This feature makes the displayed advertisement content more vivid, greatly enhances the propaganda effect.

Intelligent switch shell of light boxes have high-quality timber, stainless steel, aluminum, curium paint, such as a variety of styles, and various chassis design also for customers to choose, body beauty, Windows to heavy, strong and durable, suitable for appearance placard, outdoor and indoor.

Intelligent painting light boxes built a variety of automatic setting function, such as automatic startup and shutdown system, free set to replace the picture number, free to set picture residence time, and exhibited the freedom to choose different combination and so on.

The smart transfer light box is suitable for all companies and industries, which can reduce advertising cost and beautify the market.

Application way

1, municipal flat ground lamp lighting system, square, park attractions introduce engineering, local light engineering, community publicity column, shelter engineering, self-help bank withdrawals, telephone booth engineering, power engineering, construction engineering, airport channel engineering, subway station exit, etc. 2. Exhibition hall, museum, library, gymnasium, art gallery, exhibition hall, opera house, university, high school, vocational school, hospital, banking, insurance, securities decoration publicity project. 3, hotel, hotel, teahouse, restaurant, villa, western restaurant, cafe, cake shop, bar, karaoke bars, dance halls, sauna, beauty salon, fitness, health care and other beautification of wall paintings. 4, conference center, exhibition center, the registration center, municipal engineering, department stores, chain supermarkets, shopping plaza, jewelry chain monopoly, cosmetics, beverage, alcohol and tobacco trade, chain fast food, medicine, stationery chain center, high-quality goods wholesale center, furniture, home appliances, instruments, monopoly, such as advertising sales promotion project. 5. Wedding dress studio, home decoration, building decoration, design institute, planning institute, product design center, bridge building, etc.

Safety instructions

In installation or maintenance of ultra-thin light boxes, you must be careful not to be damaged. The following operating specifications should be honored: 1. In the process of making and transporting the light board, be extremely cautious to avoid fragmentation of the light plate. If you need a long term guide plate, place it in a dry, flat, neat place. 2. If there is a hand print or dust attached to the surface of the guide plate to be cleaned, the soft textile should be used to gently wipe it. And wear cotton gloves to avoid leaving any fingerprints and scratches on the surface of ai. 3. When removing the protective film on the surface of the guide plate, do not use the sharp instrument. 4. The guide plate should be handled gently and safely during installation.

If it is the ultra thin light box of EEFL, don't worry about the problem of the guiding light board, because EEFL light box is unguided, but also must pay attention to gently release, so as not to crash the lamp tube.

Processing technology

Blister light boxes three-dimensional light-emitting word processing technology - due to the force that press a gram quality is stable, so the products have good pervious to light, clear hyperopia effect, high compressive strength, more than ten years do not fade, if brightness is new, and other light box, metal words cannot be compared by the characteristic, is a sustainable business, strong business first. From McDonald's, KFC and pizza hut in a multinational company, to the domestic supermarket chain, bank, commercial service center for of liberation and advertising products is expecting a huge business opportunities. Pressure machining can not be separated from mold. The mould can be made of wood, gypsum, steel, etc., depending on the number of processing batches. Wood mould cost saving, only suitable for small amount of processing, because the use of long time will lose water deform, the finished product natural not beautiful, also bring trouble to later production (need to deal with). The pre-production of the plastic lamp box and the stereo luminescent word are the same: the film is made of film, heating (about 160 degrees), automatic suction vacuum, cooling (about 40 degrees), the film removing film, repairing edge, and groove. (repair edge, adhesive and panel, block splice, plastic light box).

Mold can be used woodworking curve saw or computer carving, convex model to have the inclination, upper small lower stools can remove the film. The heating temperature is suitable, not the higher the temperature is better, the pressure plate will be cracked when the temperature is high, the flexibility of the pressure will be lost, and the suction depth will not be ideal. Automatic vacuum absorption system and intelligent temperature control automatic control system are the core components of the acrylic processing equipment, and other heating boxes and frames are simple. Cooling has natural cooling and air cooling. The time to die is good, early text will be deformed, late to die hard, the possibility of mold reuse is small. The trim is to fix the woodworking trimming machine on the ordinary desktop, with straight knife repair. "Adhesion" is very important in the acrylic products, sealing, fastness and no flow mark are the key to ensure the perfection of products.

Because the text size decided to choose the thickness of acrylic sheets, general words below 25 cm high with 2 mm thick, the thickness of the word should be under 2 cm, word is 2 meters high above the 5 mm thickness is enough big. Due to the difference between written and written strokes, some words are not in place. If the written strokes are in the same depth, you can only use the processing technology of the KFC word, cutting the letter first, then cutting the edges and then sticking. This process is similar to metal word processing. If you have a multicolor color, you have to use different colors to make the corresponding molds. In order to match the later butt, the mould should consider the thickness and the slope of the pressure plate. A multicolored monochrome sheet is used to absorb different color pastes and to be heated with plastic gun to get the perfect product. In the making of plastic lamp box, the panel and text can be pressed and pressed together, and then the text surface will paste the color paste. But must adopt the high quality and the high quality of the light box with high quality.

Blister light boxes and the framework of traditional light box, just because of the acrylic plate thermal expansion coefficient is larger, the shrinkage degree about nine times the metals, device or fixed should consider to allow room for expansion.