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Light Box Production Development Nov 02, 2017

Ultra-thin dynamic light box is now the latest, the use of a high-tech light-emitting materials made of cold light box light box, light box looks beautiful, but also durable, Light Box  it appears to promote the development of outdoor advertising light box production.

Dynamic ultra-thin light box is not only the appearance of small and beautiful, but also can be fully converted into light energy, with very good features and a wide range of uses. And this light box produced by the light is very soft, long life than the average light source, the thinnest to 0.2mm, Light Box  there is a very good flexibility, the latter part of the maintenance will be very simple, very convenient maintenance. Lengguang for commercial advertising, both to avoid the outdoor light box in the form of a single, the screen can not beat the shortcomings, but also make up for the neon lights can not fine screen, and not bright when the pattern of poor performance, Light Box  especially in the indoor can produce significant advertising The It will be a good outdoor light box development direction, truly become a new bright spot of modern city.

Ultra-thin and dynamic light box surface smooth, Light Box  realistic sense of color, plus rich expression, is following the neon lights, pictorial inkjet after the better outdoor advertising, so now in many occasions, neon lights are gradually replaced by this outdoor light box The

In the advertising light box in recent years there has been a new type of advertising light box - ultra-thin light box, which is a use of LED lighting technology, Light Box  new advertising light box, the general ultra-thin light box can use T4 lamp, T5 lamp, T8 Lamp, LED light bar, CCFL cold cathode lamp and other light source to produce, ultra-thin light box with advanced production techniques, Light Box  the thickness of more and more thin, according to Huibao know, now the thinnest ultra-thin light box thickness only 8 cm, more convenient for our use.