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Light Box Safety Instructions Sep 14, 2017

Light box for the perspective of X-ray photos (negative) with the watch light box (light). Light box generally with light, it is best PC board, the material high temperature of 145 degrees, low temperature -45 degrees. Which are generally used to illuminate the daylight, so from the outside to see very beautiful.

There are light boxes with advertising cloth (commonly known as light box cloth), the use of ink ink ink, inkjet company to ensure the durability of the screen, the general picture color than the color on the monitor to a little deeper. It actually output the image resolution generally only 30 ~ 45DPI (in accordance with the printing requirements of contrast), the actual size of the screen is relatively large, there are hundreds of square meters of area. In fact, there are many kinds of light boxes, and some also useful circular plastic light boxes, and sometimes to the entrance of the mall, pay attention to, and sometimes you can see.

With the deepening of the formation of light boxes and market competition continues to intensify and the continuous emergence of new materials, forming light boxes of the process will continue to improve, expressive will continue to enrich. We have reason to believe that the formation of light boxes will be in more space to show a more beautiful qualities!

Smart light box is different from the general light box, intelligent transfer light box can be installed in a light box with multiple pieces of advertising pictures, you can set the time, automatically convert the screen. This feature makes the advertised content more vivid, greatly improving the publicity effect.

The box is made of high quality wood, stainless steel, special aluminum, lacquer and other styles, and the chassis style is also available for a variety of customers to choose, beautiful body, large windows, durable, Outdoors.

Intelligent transfer light box built-in a variety of automatic settings, such as automatic boot and shutdown system, free to set the number of screen changes, free to set the screen stay time, free choice to display different combinations of pictures and so on.

Smart light box as a showcase for the size of the company and all walks of life, for customers to reduce advertising costs, beautify the city.

Light box classification

By material

LED light boxes, acrylic light boxes, aluminum light boxes, glass steel light boxes, stainless steel light boxes, and so on. The company is a professional manufacturer of light boxes, light boxes, crystal light boxes, crystal light boxes,

According to the shape points

Square light box, round light box, 3D light box, three-dimensional light box, double light box, floor light box, flip light box, column light box, three sides light box, sucker light box, for light box, scroll light box, Rotating light boxes and so on.

By use points

Road signs light boxes, bank light boxes, vision table light boxes, color light boxes, advertising light boxes, signs, such as light boxes.

New light box

Mirror light box, induction light box, magic change light box, variable light box, magic light box, solar light box, magnetic levitation light box, EEFL light box and so on.

Application approach

1, municipal flat lighting system, the square floor lamp project, the park attractions introduction project, the local lantern project, the district publicity column project, shelter project, bank self-help withdrawals project, telephone booth project, electric power emergency project, construction display project, airport channel project, Subway train station export works. 2, exhibition hall, museum, library, gymnasium, art museum, exhibition hall, opera house, university, secondary school, vocational school, hospital, bank, insurance, securities decoration publicity project. 3, hotels, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, cafes, cakes, cakes, bars, karaoke halls, dance halls, sauna, beauty salons, fitness room, health care and other wall painting landscaping works. 4, conference center, exhibition center, accreditation center, municipal engineering, department store, supermarket chain, shopping plaza, jewelry monopoly, cosmetics chain, beverage trade, tobacco and wine trade, chain fast food, drug chain, stationery center, boutique center, furniture Center, home appliances wholesale, musical instruments Monopoly, and other advertising and promotional projects. 5, wedding photo studio, home decoration, building decoration, design institutes, planning homes, product design center, bridge construction.

Safety instructions

When installing or servicing an ultra-thin light box, it is important to note that the light guide plate is not damaged. Should follow the following operating practices: 1, in the production and transport of light guide plate in the process, should be extremely careful to avoid the light guide plate fragmentation. If you need to store the light guide for a long time, place it in a dry, flat and clean place. 2, if there is fingerprint or dust adhesion to the surface of the light guide plate to be cleaned light guide plate, you should use a soft textile wet and gently wipe. And to wear cotton gloves, in order to prevent any signs on the surface of Ai Xing light guide plate and scratches. 3. Do not use sharp equipment when removing the protective film from the surface of the light guide plate. 4, light guide plate in the installation process to be gently, pay attention to safety.

If it is EEFL ultra-thin light box, you do not have to worry about the light guide plate problem, because the eefl light box is no light guide plate, but also must pay attention to gently, so as not to crush the lamp.