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Light Box The Effect Is Very Obvious Jul 07, 2017

Lightbox lighting is a lot of light box manufacturers are advertising media companies and buyers need to consider the issue, if the light effect is not good, Light Box it is equivalent to the role of light boxes,Light Box but also make the effect is counterproductive. Light is dark, the equivalent of no led lights, it was not long before the need to re-replace the new light box led lighting. Light Box So that in order to use the brightness to achieve the effect and remove the late trouble, should choose from the source.

Light box lighting led light is bound to choose the most suitable light box of our lights, so that we can use up with Shuxin. If you want high brightness products and suppliers should be said to allow them to provide the right product, Light Box you can first buy a light box inside the lights, Light Box buy a group of test brightness, if satisfied with the light The following order in the bulk, this will not cause a waste.

Light box production selection LED ultra-thin light box to better reflect the store's grade. LED ultra-thin light box is relatively high cost, but the production effect is very obvious. Light Box When you see the charm of its show will feel that spend so much money is worth it.

Eye-catching "effect is obvious that it constantly flicker with the stay, Light Box effectively improve the visual impact of people; effectively improve the advertising unit area utilization.New electronic integrated light-emitting system, computer CPU central programming control, Light Box regardless of light box size, difficult Easy to design, all kinds of text, and even the pattern of an orderly jump, alternately embrace it not only for the producers to improve profit margins, but also for the user to create several times the economic benefits of a typical "green "Lightbox.

Than neon power saving, safety, Light Box long life and so on. Belong to the typical "green" light box:

LED ultra-thin light box light source is a new ultra-bright LED, LED features are very obvious, long life, high luminous efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption, LED spectrum is almost all concentrated in the visible frequency band, its luminous efficiency up to 80 to 90%. Belonging to the typical green lighting source. Most people think that energy-saving lamps can be energy-saving 4/5 is a great initiative, Light Box but LED energy-saving lamps but also energy-saving 1/4, which is a great solid light source reform.