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Light Box The Scrolling Characteristics Jun 13, 2017

Scrolling and painting light box originated in Europe, the rise of this new concept can not only maximize the use of billboards space, Light Box but also allow audiences to enjoy more enjoyable advertising pictures, and better attract their attention. At the same time on a billboard to publish a variety of information can be in a limited space to enhance the impact of advertising, increase the sales of products, Light Box because this advertising has the scrolling characteristics, it is the kind of constantly changing advertising images to maximize the attention of the audience. Can not deny that the audience's attention will be more focused on the billboards on the text appeal information, but they will be interested in scrolling picture is certainly higher than a single flat advertising. According to the survey, as a result of changes in the screen, so that pedestrians are willing to stop to watch the time increased by 25%, if just in the picture scrolling, this opportunity will increase 1 time times, Light Box people just want to stop to see the next scene.

Lamp rod light box can be divided into: rectangular corner lamp bar light box, lantern-shaped lamp bar light box, round street lamp bar light box, leaf-shaped lamp bar light box, drum-shaped lamp bar light box, drum-shaped lamp bar light box, oblique trapezoidal lamp bar Light box, Light Box book-Shaped lamp Bar light box, dragon and Phoenix-shaped lamp bar light box

Lamp rod light Box can be produced by material: aluminum profile lamp bar light box production, stainless steel lamp bar light box production, galvanized steel plate (painted) Lamp bar light box production and glass fiber reinforced plastic lamp bar light box production.

Lamp Rod light Box by window panel can be divided: Blister panel street lamp bar Light box, no panel lamp bar Light box (pull cloth light box), transparent panel lamp light box.

Lamp Bar Light Box application:

(1), municipal plane lighting system, square ground lamp project, park attractions Introduction project, local Lantern Festival project, Community propaganda column project, Light Box shelter Project, Bank self-service withdrawal project, Power Emergency Project, construction exhibition project, Airport Corridor project, Subway railway station export project, etc.

(2), exhibition halls, museums, libraries, gymnasiums, art galleries, galleries, opera houses, universities, secondary schools, vocational schools, hospitals, banks, insurance, Light Box securities decoration publicity projects.

(3), hotel, hotel, restaurant, Villa, Teahouse, western restaurant, café, Cake West Bakery, bar, karaoke OK Hall, ballroom, sauna, beauty salon, fitness room, health care, etc. Light Box wall painting landscaping works.

(4), wedding studio, home decoration, architectural decoration, Design Institute, Planning Institute, product design Center, bridge building, etc.

(5), Urban lighting engineering, urban image design, Light Box introduction of scenic spots, community publicity, large-scale event display, door signs, waiting booths card, European and American style, advertising media, advertising, media release and so on.

(6), Conference center, Exhibition Center, Certification center, municipal Engineering, department stores, supermarket chains, shopping malls, jewelry monopoly, cosmetics chain, Light Box beverage trade, tobacco and alcohol trade, chain snack, drug chain, stationery center, boutique Center, Furniture Center, home appliance wholesale, instrument monopoly, etc. advertising promotional projects.