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Light Box The Trend Oct 16, 2017

China's light box aluminum processing market has suffered a round of shocks, Light Box  in addition to the enterprise itself poor management, high technology, as well as consumers and businesses on the light box aluminum procurement volume is showing a downward trend. But instead, the advertising equipment industry is in a booming stage this makes a lot of people are baffled, after a small series of hard efforts, Light Box  and finally found that many manufacturers have fixed the light box aluminum material purchase channels, to the Hulk as a representative of the enterprise because of the quality of the advantages have gradually occupied the market.

Although the number of aluminum processing plants is increasing, but most do not have the ability to concentrate production and only very small production scale, it is difficult to form to keep up with the international process of high level light box aluminum processing industry. According to the relevant information, I have a light box. Aluminum processing enterprises of about 80% belong to the smaller, more backward production of small companies, the annual supply of materials for the market is very limited, and large companies are few, which greatly opened up our country and developed industrial countries, the ratio of the supply of aluminum profiles, Light Box  Influence the healthy development of aluminum light box in our country.

In addition, China's light box aluminum processing plants generally face the problem of low technical level, lack of independent innovation thinking, thus leading to industry competitiveness weaker than other countries. Although entering more than 21st century, through the government's support and the development of industry technology, there are many advanced technology has been introduced, but to China's light box aluminum processing industry in a short time to change production mode, and the perfect use of these processes, Light Box  is not realistic, but also need a stage of development, visible, in this process, Light Box  There are a lot of traditional lightbox aluminum processing industry will face a series of problems of survival of the fittest

Light box production selection led ultra-thin light box can reflect the level of the store. LED ultra-thin light box cost relatively high, but the production of the effect is very obvious

① Energy-saving: More than the same area of traditional light box using fewer lights, save up to 80%;

② Environmental protection: More than 95% materials can be recycled;

③ ultra-thin: Only the traditional light box thickness of one-fourth, economic beauty;

④ Convenient: Installation and replacement of the light film is easy and fast;

⑤ Uniform Light: Light uniformity, complete plane light output;

⑥ Beautiful: Advanced lighting design, to ensure that the lamp is not produced by the tube heat and yellow.