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Luminescent Materials Into New LED Products Dec 21, 2016

LED lighting is following the incandescent, fluorescent lighting and a revolution was acknowledged as the most promising in the world of high efficiency lighting industry.

Changchun Institute of applied chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as Changchun) completed in cooperation with Sichuan xinli Ushio lighting "afterglow LED life controlled rare earth luminescent materials research and development and its applications in semiconductor lighting", recently won technological invention award in Jilin province.

"As existing LED lighting source using DC power-driven, work must be approved by the AC and DC power conversion, energy consumption, poor heat dissipation and high cost. "Changchun Institute of applied chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Li chengyu told the China scientific journal Reporter:" development can directly use the AC-powered new LED lighting products for the benefit of the people, promote the development of LED lighting industry needs. ”

Is driven by AC directly against the LED light strobe, a world problem, Changchun undertaken in cooperation with Sichuan new light in 2008, new AC LED lighting technology research and development.

After 6 years of unremitting exploration and development, the team developed a luminescent material for the core of a new AC LED technology. According to Li chengyu introduced the technology has reached the international advanced level, making China become the world's only able to communicate using phosphors to produce low frequency flashing LED the country, a powerful impetus to China's AC LED, especially rare earth AC LED light emitting materials research and industrial development.

At present, the project results have been successful in Sichuan xinli Ushio lighting and Optoelectronics (Changchun) limited to achieve transformation to form a lamp, tube light, tube lights, spotlights, four broad categories of products, and successfully applied to the family, subways, shopping malls, hospitals, and other fields.

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