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Rongxian Giant Buddha Of Sichuan Lantern Festival Official Landing Terra Cotta Turned Into A Creative Light Dec 21, 2016

Rong County Government in Sichuan province with zigong rongxian giant Buddha cultural tour operator has lighted Group on strategic cooperation and "23rd zigong international dinosaur Lantern show a significant series of events • rongxian giant Buddha Lantern Festival" held a signing ceremony, which marks the rongxian giant Buddha light project was formally born.

The carnivals will be relying on the country's largest Buddha statue, first to Buddha Shakyamuni's story of artistic expression, the use of zigong's lighted, zigong-lamp technology to artistic interpretation of Buddhist culture. It is worth mentioning that, Rong set in the design set clay pots will become creative and will apply for Guinness world record; in the Lantern Festival also rongxian giant Buddha will be the first 3D projection technology to create the magical phantom.

It is understood that this Lantern rongxian giant Buddha to Buddha Temple as relying on view lamp area of 100 acres, the lights will be used in all cultural elements of Buddhism as a whole, create the first theme Lantern zigong. Park will be set up in the Buddha past and present, good luck bottle Gallery, bergamot and more than more than 30 large lanterns, to let visitors enjoy the zigong Lantern dream craft at the same time, you will understand what Rong's unique Buddhist culture.

According to the design of this Lantern zigong's lighted the relevant person in charge of the group, in set design, Rong also incorporate local elements, Rong will use the unique Terra cotta products as raw materials, innovations and improved through unique processes, creating a 25 meters long, 18 meters high "Aquarius on the auspicious". The lanterns will employ 10,000 clay pots, 10,000 and 10,000 Tao Lian petals LED lights for creative integration, to create a colorful, beautiful artistic effect. This is the zigong Lantern Terra cotta is used as raw material for the first time, will apply for Guinness world records.

Rongxian Buddha carved in the Tang dynasty, Buddha sit South of the North, is the largest Buddha in the world. Big Buddha Temple covers an area of about 80,000 square meters, construction area of 2000 square meters, since ancient times, "Chia Buddha hung, Buddha beauty" of reputation.