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Sign Light Continuous And Stable Aug 15, 2017

What is the fire emergency sign lamp? First, Sign Light the objective understanding of the fire safety situation, and effectively enhance the responsibility of doing a good job of fire and sense of urgency

With the city's industrialization and urbanization process accelerated, petrochemical enterprises have been put into operation, personnel-intensive places and urban high-rise, underground, Sign Light large space building a large number of production, storage, management, accommodation and other functions in one of the " "New facilities, new technology, new technology, new products widely used, the probability of occurrence of fire and prevention and control of the increase in the number of" nine small "places in rural areas, Sign Light urban and rural areas, urban and rural areas. At the same time, public fire facilities, professional fire power shortage, civil fire safety awareness is not strong and other issues are still more prominent. People's governments at all levels and relevant departments should be an objective understanding of the current fire safety facing the grim situation, Sign Light in close connection with the local reality and "Dazhou City 12 five fire development plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning") to develop work objectives and implementation of the program, Strengthen the fire safety assessment, urban fire safety management, fire service maintenance, Sign Light fire high-risk unit supervision, "grid" management work, to further improve the city's fire safety environment to ensure that the fire situation continues to be stable.

Second, the implementation of fire safety responsibility system, Sign Light establish and improve the social fire work network

(A) adhere to the unified government leadership. The people's governments at all levels in the city should strengthen the organization and leadership of the fire work, the government is mainly responsible for the first responsible person, in charge of the person responsible for the main responsibility to seriously implement the fire safety "one post two responsibility" system. To the fire work into the local economic and social development of the overall planning, into the government target responsibility, performance management assessment and comprehensive management of social security content. To organize the development and implementation of urban and rural fire planning, and effectively strengthen the public fire facilities, fire power, fire equipment construction, Sign Light regular fire safety special inspection, urban fire risk assessment and fire safety evaluation. The full implementation of the people's governments at all levels of fire safety main responsibility to establish and improve the fire safety committee working mechanism, the region's fire safety situation and focus on strengthening the thematic research, coordination to solve major fire problems. We should conscientiously implement the "Notice of the Ministry of Finance on Printing and Distributing the Measures for the Administration of Local Fire Fighting Funds" (Caiqiao [2011] No. 330), Sign Light improve the fire protection funds and the economic and social development and fire safety needs to adapt to the security mechanism, and gradually improve the fire work Level of protection.

(B) strengthen the department according to law. All departments should conscientiously perform fire safety duties, do a good job of the system, the industry's fire work. To combine the characteristics of the system industry, Sign Light to develop measures to strengthen fire work and measures, and other work with the deployment, with the inspection, with the assessment. In accordance with the "who is in charge, who is responsible for" the principle of the implementation of fire safety inspection, education and training, and urge the fire hazard rectification and other fire safety responsibilities, the formation of departments in accordance with the law of supervision to improve the comprehensive management of social fire level. Education, civil air defense and other departments and Dazhou Railway Station, Dazhou Airport to organize the system to carry out the system every year, Sign Light the industry's fire, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Safety inspection and education and training, timely supervision and rectification of fire hazards, improve the level of fire safety management. Public security, housing construction, culture and television, security, industry and commerce, quality supervision and other departments to establish and improve the departmental information communication and joint law enforcement mechanism, the discovery of fire hazards, according to the law investigated or transferred, informed the public security organs and other departments to deal with fire; Sign Light The inspection found that there are significant fire hazards of the units and places, the relevant departments to exchange law enforcement information, the formation of supervision and mitigation of the joint efforts. The public security organs at all levels of the city to establish a normal "full fire, Sign Light police linkage" law enforcement mechanism, police stations and village (community) police room to strengthen the daily fire supervision and inspection, fire safety publicity, timely supervision and rectification of fire hazards.