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Sign Light Design Requirements Sep 27, 2017

Lamp stand production

(1) steel varieties, models, specifications, performance, etc., Sign Light must meet the design requirements and the provisions of the existing national technical standards. And should have product quality certificate.

(2) according to the actual requirements of the design or lamp size measurement, crossed to be accurate, to take the mechanical cutting of the cutting surface should be straight to ensure smooth, no burr.

(3) welding: should be used with the base material material welding electrode welding. Weld surface shall not have cracks, welding tumor, stomata, slag, undercut, Sign Light not welded, root shrinkage and other defects.

(4) hole: bolt hole wall should be smooth, the diameter of the hole must meet the design requirements.

(5) assembly: steel patchwork to control the distance between the joints, to ensure that the shape of the body, geometric size, structure and shape to meet the design requirements.

(6) lamp holder production is completed, the conditions should be hot-dip galvanized, can not be hot-dip galvanized should be anti-corrosion, Sign Light first rust, brush twice anti-rust paint. Install the brush twice after the finish.

According to the design drawings will be directly from the axis of the bearing structure control axis, will be embedded in the metal components or fixed bolt installation dimensions marked clearly, with the civil construction will be embedded iron or bolts installed in concrete, can also provide drawings To the civil construction, please civil construction in the construction of iron or bolts buried in concrete, because the lampholder should be with the roof at the same time pouring.

Lamp mounting plate on the positioning hole, the lamp with bolts plus flat pad and lock the gasket fixed firmly. Barrier lighting should belong to the primary load, should be connected to the emergency power supply circuit. The opening and closing of the lamp should be controlled by an open-air optoelectronic automatic controller to control the conduction of the optoelectronic element with the outdoor natural environment illumination as a parameter. Can also be connected to the intelligent building management system, Sign Light but also the use of time procedures to open and close the barrier lights, in order to have a reliable power supply, two power switch should be in the obstruction light control panel. Figure Wiring diagram of the PLZ-type aerial light socket The wiring of the obstruction light should be provided with a dedicated three-core waterproof air plug and socket for easy inspection and maintenance, dedicated three-core waterproof plug and socket, as shown in Figure One of the 1,2 end of the first AC 220V power supply, 3 end to protect the zero line.

After the installation of the lighting test, Sign Light the commissioning should be designed for the first line insulation test, commissioning lights up and down the state, whether to meet the design or operational needs, to meet the requirements should be run 24h, the organization can be acceptance.