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Sign Light Directive Action Oct 13, 2017

The sign lamp can be used as a road sign or power failure in various places and environment, and it is also a lamp that can provide indication. Common sign lights include safety exit indicator, fire emergency lamp, school bus sign lamp, tunnel indicator light, traffic light, etc.

The basic characteristics of

The shell is cast in ZL102 alloy and sprayed on the surface. The shell is equipped with a light-emitting diode plate and emergency device, and the terminal box is equipped with terminals for the user's wiring. Grounding screws are set inside and outside the shell, and the user should be reliably grounded when using the product.

The internal charge is free to maintain the nickel-cadmium battery pack, automatically charged under normal power supply, automatically converted to the battery pack when power failure or accident, automatic emergency lighting.

There is a double color indicator in the transparent part, red is normal power supply, green is emergency, emergency time is up to 4 hours, it is 3 times of common emergency signal lamp. It can automatically cut off the output power when opening and replace the light source safely. A variety of signs, users can choose according to needs;

Battery power switch, user can choose to install. Cable or steel tube wiring.


When buying lamps and lanterns, must recognize the mark, and the general lamps and lanterns product packaging also will mark the mark, the consumer is judged the lamps and lanterns is good or bad. The logo should be clearly marked on the lamp. The minimum height of the text is 2mm and the minimum height of the symbol is 5mm.

The test method for the durability test of the luminaire is to wipe 15 seconds with a wet cloth. After drying, the cloth will be cleaned for 15 seconds, then the visual inspection will be performed after the durability test. After the test, the mark should be clear, the label is not easy to fall off and not curly.

Safe exit is the escape exit of various public places, and safe exit is an important security facility in crowded place. In safety accident occurs, all the staff in the crowded place mainly through various security export quickly fled the scene of the accident, rescue personnel are mainly through exit into the scene of the accident, rescue victims or rescue property.

Ask for

One, fire emergency lamp and safe evacuation indicator light must have two power supply, namely normal power supply and emergency standby power supply. The emergency standby power supply is usually supplied by the power generation and the battery. If the battery is used, the continuous power supply time cannot be less than 200min.

The illuminance of fire emergency lighting and safe evacuation indicator should not be lower than 0.5 lx, which will fully illuminate the walkway, staircase and other evacuation routes. Fire control room, fire water pump room, self-provided generator room, and the place where the fire still needs to be kept, also must ensure the normal illumination of illumination.

3. Safety evacuation indicator signs should be located at the top of the exit door or in the evacuation corridor and the wall below 1m below the ground. The indicator in the aisle should not be greater than 20m. Fire emergency lighting and safety evacuation indicators shall be provided with protective shields for glass and other non-combustible materials.

4. The application of obvious signs in the evacuation stairway marks the location and number of floors, so that the personnel in the building can understand their location in time, so as to facilitate the safe evacuation.