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Sign Light Features Sep 14, 2017

Sign lights can be in a variety of places and the environment for road signs or power outages when the emergency evacuation, guided lighting, but also can provide a role in the display of lamps.

Common signs are safety exit lights, fire emergency lights, school bus signs lights, tunnel lights, traffic lights and so on.

Basic Features

Shell with ZL102 alloy casting forming, surface spray. Shell with light-emitting diode board, emergency devices, terminal box with terminal blocks for the user wiring purposes. Inside and outside the shell with a grounding screw, the user should use the product should be grounded.

Built-in maintenance-free nickel-cadmium battery pack, in the normal power supply automatically charged, power failure or accident automatically converted to battery power supply, automatic emergency lighting.

Transparent pieces with two-color indicator light, red for the normal power supply, green for the emergency state, emergency time up to 4 hours, is the ordinary emergency warning lights 3 times. Anti-misoperation cover, automatically cut off the output power when turned on, you can safely replace the light source. A variety of signs, the user can be selected according to need;

Battery pack power switch, the user can choose to install. Cable or pipe wiring


In the purchase of lamps, you must recognize the logo, and the general lighting products will also indicate the packaging logo, consumers determine the lamp is good or bad. And the logo should be clearly and permanently marked on the lamp. The minimum height of the text is 2mm and the minimum height is 5mm.

Inspection of the lamp logo durability test method is to wipe with a cloth soaked in water for 15 seconds, to be dry, and then soaked with gasoline soaked cloth for 15 seconds, after the completion of the durability test and then visual inspection. After the test, the mark should be clearly written, the label is not easy to fall off and not curl.

Fire emergency lights series

Safe export light box (left and right), fire emergency lights signs, light box-type safety exit signs Features:

1. The use of high-quality aluminum, metal spray, ultra-thin design, stylish and beautiful

2. The use of high-quality ultra-bright LED light, the surface brightness ≧ 15cd / ㎡, uniform, soft, penetrating power.

3. Emergency conversion time ≤ 0.2S, with perfect overcharge, over discharge protection.

4. Select the top maintenance-free nickel-cadmium battery pack, emergency time ≧ 90min.

5. In order to ensure that the emergency time is long enough, please use before charging> 24h.

6. Select the top chip, switching transistor.

It has the advantages of reliable work, high stability, long service life and so on. It is suitable for high-rise buildings such as factories, hotels, shopping malls and buildings. It is used for emergency lighting. It adopts metal lamp or flame-retardant plastic lamp, Type, hanging installation. Emergency time ≥90min

The principle can refer to the principle of electromagnetic relays, much the same.