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Sign Light Fire Emergency Lights Sep 28, 2017

The sign lamp can be used as a road sign or power failure in various places and environment, and it is also a lamp that can provide indication.

Common sign lights include safety exit indicator, fire emergency lamp, school bus sign lamp, tunnel indicator light, traffic light, etc.

Suitable for fire emergency lighting, it is one of the most common lighting tools in fire emergency. The emergency time is long and the high brightness has the automatic emergency function of power failure. Fire emergency light have little power consumption, high brightness, long life and other characteristics, designed with the power switch on the edge and refers to the lamp, suitable for factories, hotels, schools, units and other public places for power for emergency lighting.

With reliable work, high stability, long life and other advantages, applicable to factories, hotels, shopping malls, such as building high-rise buildings, public in case of power failure and used as emergency lighting, use a metal lamp holder or flame retardant plastic lamp holder, a wall-mounted, portable, ceiling installation. Emergency time is greater than 90min

The principle can refer to the principle of electromagnetic relay.


Emergency lighting in disaster rescue, medical and rescue the role of is unprecedented, although only a few hours of illumination, but a few hours can help how much property and secure life, LED the characteristics of small volume, long service life, high efficiency, low voltage, use safety, energy saving and a series of advantages, so the ministry of science and technology will be "LED emergency lights lighting efficient drive technology and system reliability research" 2008 as 863 subject to carry on the research and development.

As China's economy continues to grow rapidly, energy consumption is increasing, and energy tensions are becoming more and more serious. "Research development of high efficiency and energy saving, long life of semiconductor lighting products" was listed in the national medium and long-term science and technology development plan (2006-2020), "energy" field "industrial energy saving" priority theme, the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry emergency lights are in independent innovation and great-leap-forward development of important historical opportunity.

Domestic use of emergency lighting system is given priority to with own power independent control type, the normal power supply from general lighting power supply circuit, the emergency lights battery charging at ordinary times, when the normal power supply cut off, standby power (battery) power supply automatically. This form of emergency light every lamps and lanterns of internal change pressure, voltage, charging, inverter, battery, etc. A large number of electronic components, emergency light in the use and maintenance, failure batteries all needs to charge and discharge.

The other kind is centralized power supply centralized control type, emergency lamps have no independent power supply, normal lighting power failure, centralized power supply system power supply. In this form of emergency lighting system, lamps and lanterns of all internal complicated electronic circuit is dispensed with, emergency lighting lamps and lanterns with the ordinary lamps and lanterns, set in a dedicated room centralized power supply system.

Compared with the built-in power supply independent control type emergency lamps and lanterns, type power centralization control emergency light is convenient for centralized management, customer audits, fire supervision and inspection, extend the service life of lamps and lanterns, increase the efficiency of the emergency evacuation, good reliability, long service life, convenient maintenance and management, low price system. But power centralization control type emergency lamps and lanterns because each emergency lamps and lanterns is no standby power (battery), if the malfunction of the power supply circuit will directly affect the normal operation of the emergency lighting system, so the power lines equipped with special fire prevention requirements. And bring their own power independently controlled type emergency because in every emergency lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns with standby power (battery), so no special requirements to power lines, power supply line fault will not affect the standby power. When the emergency lamp breaks down, it generally affects only the lamp itself, which has little impact on the whole system.

When choosing emergency lighting, the emergency lighting system should be selected according to the specific situation. Generally speaking, the construction of new works or the construction of fire control room should be unified in the construction process, and the centralized power control emergency lighting shall be selected. For small, post-rectification or redecorating projects, the project should adopt independent control type emergency lighting.