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Sign Light Impact Resistance Oct 24, 2017

High-strength aluminum alloy die-casting molding, Sign Light with good anti-corrosion properties; transparent pieces of high-strength glass lampshade, Sign Light with good impact resistance, the contents of the logo by the user free choice, can also be customized according to user requirements, built-in high-performance lithium battery, In the case of normal power supply can be automatically charged, power failure automatically switch to battery power. Applicable to chemical, oil refining, oil extraction, Sign Light offshore oil platforms, oil tankers Ⅱ A, Ⅱ B class T1 ~ T6 temperature groups of explosive gas environment and 21, 22 flammable dust environment for safe export tips, evacuation signs.

When the civil building after the fire, Sign Light due to the low density of air than the toxic gas will float in the upper part of the air, the lower part of the toxic gas is relatively scarce, in order to avoid the fire than the air density of toxic gases are sucked into the human body, Is bent low, and even creeping forward, Sign Light to avoid high concentrations of toxic gases were inhaled the body.

A lot of facts show that people killed in the fire, Sign Light mostly poisoned after suffocation and died. Therefore, the evacuation indicator lights installed at 0.5m away from the ground, when people are in a fire, bending and even creeping forward when you can see the front of the instructions to evacuate the light, conducive to evacuation; if the evacuation indicator is installed too high, Sign Light when When people are low to escape, it is difficult to see the evacuation indicator light.

When the fire in a civil building, Sign Light the smoke generated by the fire just gathered in the air over the air, if the evacuation light is installed too high, Sign Light then the evacuation indicator light will be completely gathered in the air over the smoke block, people can not see Evacuation of light, affecting people's evacuation and escape.