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Sign Light The Design May 31, 2017

Sign Light In the emergency lighting design, the usual use of dual-way power supply, with the local settings with Ni-CD battery lamps, Sign Light this way there is a two-way power supply, the emergency battery can not be emergency work, if the consideration of peacetime control, and to meet the fire in time to connect the accident lighting circuit also need to add a contingency control line, so that the control line is more cumbersome. And scattered, a large number of emergency lighting with storage batteries, Sign Light maintenance workload is larger, especially the replacement cost of battery maintenance is very high. As a result, it is easy to cause the accident lighting with the accumulator is only nominal.

In the design of the improved emergency lighting power supply mode, the use of each layer to set up a dual power supply with standby battery distribution box, the distribution box has dual-channel power automatic input and standby battery automatic input function. This circuit can be centralized control open, Sign Light broken, when the fire by the fire control room signal forcibly connected to the emergency lighting and evacuation lighting role.

The different loops of the emergency power Distribution box lead to different control requirements.

(1) Evacuation indication sign Lamp. Its position is located at the top of the Taiping door and the evacuation aisle and its corner from the ground height of 1m below the wall, the use of a single emergency, fire control room issued by the signal access.

(2) Emergency lighting circuit. The circuit lighting normally plays the role of normal public lighting, can be controlled by the lighting switch. Fire can be transferred to emergency status, direct access to emergency evacuation lighting, when the switch is out of control, fire emergency lighting is not controlled by the switch.

(3) general public lighting circuit. Sign Light This kind of illumination is the general public illumination, does not belong to the emergency illumination, therefore is not connected with the battery circuit, the fire also does not require immediately to connect. Sign Light This kind of illumination is connected to the ordinary circuit of the accident lighting distribution box, which can save the cost of setting up the distribution box separately, without increasing the capacity of the battery, and the management is more convenient.

(4) According to the actual project needs, the Emergency power Distribution box can also provide the DC power supply required by the fire control.

(5) To change the power distribution room, fire control room, fire water pumping station, smoke exhaust smoke room, for fire-fighting battery room, generator room, Sign Light telephone switchboard room, computer room and fire still need to adhere to the important room, should be set up a separate emergency power supply box, emergency lighting should ensure normal lighting illuminance.