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Sign Light The Request Aug 07, 2017

The emergency lighting and evacuation indicator light control requirements, Sign Light in the "fire automatic alarm system design specifications" Article pointed out: fire control room to confirm the fire, should be able to cut off the relevant parts of the non-fire power, and connected to the alarm device And fire emergency lights and evacuation signs.

How to meet the requirements of fire evacuation lighting, Sign Light in the high-level office buildings are usually based on the needs of fire evacuation and public lighting combined with accident lighting, emergency lighting power is a dual power supply, and a dual power supply automatically into the device, according to different load levels With a battery pack, the normal charge standby, Sign Light the fire when the mains power supply, emergency battery power supply, and to maintain power supply more than 20min. Issued by the fire control center signal, Sign Light automatically connected to the emergency lighting circuit to ensure the safe evacuation of personnel.

In the emergency lighting design, the usual use of dual power supply, with the local set with nickel-cadmium battery lamp program, this way there is a way to double the power supply, Sign Light emergency battery can not work emergency, if you can consider the usual control, and Meet the fire in time to connect the accident lighting circuit need to add an emergency control line, so that control lines more locks. And scattered, the number of more with the battery emergency lighting, maintenance and repair workload is relatively large, Sign Light especially the battery replacement cost is also high. Therefore, it is easy to cause the accident with the battery accident is just useless.

Design of the improved emergency lighting power supply, the use of each set of centralized power supply with a secondary battery distribution box, the distribution box with dual power supply and automatic backup battery automatically put into the function. This circuit can be centralized control on and off, Sign Light when the fire by the fire control room signal forced connection, play the role of emergency lighting and evacuation lighting.

The control requirements of the different circuits drawn from the emergency power distribution boxes are different.

(1) evacuation indicator lights. Its position at the top of the Taiping Gate and evacuation walkway and its corner from the ground height of 1m below the wall, Sign Light using a single emergency way, the fire by the fire control room signal.

(2) emergency lighting circuit. Sign Light The lighting of the circuit usually acts as a normal public lighting and can be controlled by a lighting switch. The fire can be transferred to the emergency state, directly connected to the emergency evacuation lighting, switch switch in a runaway state, fire emergency lighting from the switch control.

(3) general public lighting circuit. Sign Light Such lighting is the general public lighting, not emergency lighting, it can not take the circuit with the battery, Sign Light the fire does not require immediate access. This type of lighting connected to the accidental lighting distribution box of the ordinary loop can save the cost of separate distribution box, do not increase the capacity of the battery, the management more convenient.

(4) According to the actual engineering needs, Sign Light emergency power distribution box can also provide fire control required DC power supply.

(5) for the variable power distribution room, fire control room, fire water pump room, smoke and smoke room, for the protection of electricity battery room, own generator room, Sign Light telephone room, computer room and the fire still need to work Important room, Sign Light should be set up emergency power box, emergency lighting should be normal lighting to ensure the normal illumination.