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Sign Light The Requirements Of Oct 16, 2017

LED explosion-proof lamp housing using high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting, with good anti-corrosion performance, transparent parts with high-strength tempered glass lampshade, Sign Light with good impact resistance performance, the guidance of the logo content by the user's free choice, can also be customized according to user requirements, in the case of high-performance lithium batteries, in the normal power supply conditions can automatically charge, Automatically switch to battery power when power is off. Applicable to chemical, Sign Light oil refining, petroleum exploitation, offshore oil platform, oil tanker and other Ⅱ A, ⅱb t1~t6 temperature Group of explosive gas environment, as well as 21 zones, 22 area flammable dust environment for safe export tips, evacuation signs used.

For emergency lighting and evacuation lights control requirements, in the "Fire Automatic Alarm system Design Code" states: Fire control room after the confirmation of fire,Sign Light should be able to cut off the relevant parts of the non-fire power supply, and access to alarm devices and fire emergency lights and evacuation signs.

How to meet the requirements of fire evacuation lighting, in high-rise office buildings usually according to fire evacuation needs of public lighting combined with accident lighting, Sign Light emergency lighting power supply is a dual power supply, and a dual power automatic input device, according to the different load levels of the battery set, normal charging standby, when the fire mains power supply, Emergency Battery Group power supply, and can maintain the power supply of more than 20min. The fire control center sends out the signal, Sign Light automatically connects the emergency illumination circuit, guarantees the personnel's safe evacuation.

In the design of emergency lighting, the usual use of dual-way power supply, with local settings with Ni-CD battery lamps, this way there is a two-way power supply, the emergency battery can not be emergency work, if the consideration of peacetime control, and to meet the fire in time to connect the accident lighting circuit need to add a contingency control line, Make the control line more cumbersome. And scattered, Sign Light a large number of emergency lighting with storage batteries, maintenance workload is larger, especially the replacement cost of battery maintenance is very high.

Emergency lighting circuit. The circuit lighting normally plays the role of normal public lighting, can be controlled by the lighting switch. Fire can be transferred to emergency status, direct access to emergency evacuation lighting, when the switch is out of control, fire emergency lighting is not controlled by the switch.

general public lighting circuit. Sign Light This kind of illumination is the general public illumination, does not belong to the emergency illumination, therefore is not connected with the battery circuit, the fire also does not require immediately to connect. Sign Light This kind of illumination is connected to the ordinary circuit of the accident lighting distribution box, which can save the cost of setting up the distribution box separately, Sign Light without increasing the capacity of the battery, and the management is more convenient.