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Sign Light The Scientific Basis Oct 23, 2017

The sign lamp can be used as a road sign or power failure in various places and environment, and it is also a lamp that can provide indication.

Common sign lights include safety exit indicator, fire emergency lamp, school bus sign lamp, tunnel indicator light, traffic light, etc.

The basic characteristics of

The shell is cast in ZL102 alloy and sprayed on the surface. The shell is equipped with a light-emitting diode plate and emergency device, and the terminal box is equipped with terminals for the user's wiring. Grounding screws are set inside and outside the shell, and the user should be reliably grounded when using the product.

The internal charge is free to maintain the nickel-cadmium battery pack, automatically charged under normal power supply, automatically converted to the battery pack when power failure or accident, automatic emergency lighting.

There is a double color indicator in the transparent part, red is normal power supply, green is emergency, emergency time is up to 4 hours, it is 3 times of common emergency signal lamp. It can automatically cut off the output power when opening and replace the light source safely. A variety of signs, users can choose according to needs;

Battery power switch, user can choose to install. Cable or steel tube wiring


When buying lamps and lanterns, must recognize the mark, and the general lamps and lanterns product packaging also will mark the mark, the consumer is judged the lamps and lanterns is good or bad. The logo should be clearly marked on the lamp. The minimum height of the text is 2mm and the minimum height of the symbol is 5mm.

The test method for the durability test of the luminaire is to wipe 15 seconds with a wet cloth. After drying, the cloth will be cleaned for 15 seconds, then the visual inspection will be performed after the durability test. After the test, the mark should be clear, the label is not easy to fall off and not curly.

At the crossroads, red, yellow, green, and tri-colored traffic lights were hung on all sides, and it was the silent "traffic policeman". The traffic light is the international uniform traffic signal. The red light is the stop signal and the green light is the signal. At the intersection, the cars that come in several directions are gathered here, some to go straight, some to turn, who to walk first, which is to obey the traffic light. Red light, no direct or left turn, in the case of pedestrians and vehicles, allow the right turn of the vehicle; Green light to allow the vehicle to go straight or turn; Yellow light, stop at intersections stop line or pedestrian crossing line, has continued to pass; When the yellow light flashes, alert the vehicle to safety.

At the earliest time, only red and green colors were used, and after the improvement, a yellow light was added, the red light was stopped, the yellow light was ready, and the green light was expressed. Using these three colors, the three colors are associated with people's visual structure and psychological response.

People's retinas contain rods and three cones, and the rods are especially sensitive to yellow light. The three cone cells are most sensitive to red, green and blue. Because of this visual structure, people are most likely to distinguish between red and green. Although yellow and blue are also easy to tell, because the eye has fewer sensitive photoreceptors in blue light, it is better to distinguish colors from red and green. Traffic lights are not optional.

The scientific basis

According to the principle of optics, the wavelength of red light is very long, penetrating air capability is strong, and more attention than other signals, signals, as no thoroughfare by using green as announcement signals, because of the difference between red and green is the most big, easy to distinguish (red green color blindness is minority after all). In addition, color can also express some specific meaning, to express hot or intense words, the strongest is red, followed by yellow. Green has a cold and calm meaning. Therefore, people often represent danger in red, yellow stands for warning, green is safe.