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The Most Festive Atmosphere Bar: 21,000 Bulbs 90 Christmas Tree Decoration Dec 21, 2016

According to foreign media reports, every Christmas, all major businesses will bend over backwards, want to stand out in the shop decoration. Notting Hill in London, and a bar covered with Christmas atmosphere of the most decorative coat, a 90 Christmas trees were set up outside the shop, and decorate as many as 21,000 lights the light bulb.

According to reports, named "The Churchill Arms" pub owner o ' Brien (Gerry O'Brien) arranged every year for more than 30 years. He and reindeer on the roof lighting, which bars on the outer wall of the United Kingdom Queen photo, looks like it was sitting reindeer car returned to Buckingham Palace.

O ' Brien said, decorate the bar, but also to their communities. "Seeing people (happy) responded well, Christmas is a special time of the year. Once a year, we should have fun and enjoy. This is also conducive to doing business, because a lot of people will come look at lighting, "he said.

Bar will cost £ 30,000 a year to lay out, but most money is decorated with flowers in the summer bar, spent £ 25,000.