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What You Don't See Intelligent Creative Lighting Dec 21, 2016

It is specially designed for the anniversary of a smart lamp Datelight, usually only the inner ring will light to set the anniversary of its outer ring with light, and the light intensity is determined according to the degree of importance for users set up for the anniversary.

Wosheng TOMOBO hand in hand, create the ultimate sweet light series

Well-known lighting brands wosheng, upstart recently related the intelligent home TOMOBO, create the hat to Jasmine lighting series, regardless of the quality of life of life that have, or are interested in intelligent peripherals zealot, the lighting is not to be missed to validate.

Wosheng lamp export markets in Europe and America known its domain focus on the high end, a lamp, extraordinary – delicate, tough and delicate drawing Panel detail, every inch the golden ratio to create joint, called the art

This product is provided by TOMOBO its new CC as an intelligent gateway, collocation sensor implanting customized ZigBee modules from wosheng lighting, upgrade from traditional boutique lighting intelligent light and extravagant lighting system, more TOMOBO artificial intelligence in the cloud services for this project.

Intelligent lighting features show-in addition to the traditional lamp features, smart-side main features are:

1 remote control lighting switches, phone APP to view the lights working, remote control switch

2 customised service through the cloud, create profiles, people came to light, light sensor recognition scene needs;

3 induction to the user gets up at night, breathing heavy gradients automatically open and comfortable, not dazzling brightness, gentle lighting, feel free to use is automatically extinguished after a request, without manual operation;

4 smart push reading mode, mode lighting, computer mode, by sensor scenes, comfortable.